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U23. Assisted Reproduction


U23. Assisted Reproduction

  • Scientific Director: D. José Mijares Gordún jmijares@ccmijesususon.com
  • Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Francisco M. Sánchez Margallo msanchez@ccmijesususon.com
  • Entities: Jesus Uson Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC)
  • Address:Carretera N-521, km 41, 10071 Cáceres
  • Phone: + 34 927 181 032
  • Web: JUMISC

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Located in the JUMISC, it has a 120 m2 laboratory, small animal surgery, clinical analysis support, etc. Features with two intracitoplasmatic micromanipulation equipment of the latest generation with IMSI, Laser and Oosight system, embryo biopsy systems, vision systems of the mitotic spindle, with flow cabinets with stereo-microscopes and heated plates, incubators with different gasses systems, equipment and cryopreservation freeze gamete and embryo, among others.

U23 - Assisted reproduction
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