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U6-E15. Update of the Nanosight system


Update of the Nanosight system


NanoSight’s unique single particle detection system allows particle concentration to be measured in the 10 nm – 2000 nm diameter range in liquid suspension. The ability to measure concentration and apply this to product performance goes beyond simply measuring particle size and provides the user with a more detailed understanding of their sample. Measuring particle concentration is a requirement across a range of applications.The NanoSight system will be equiped with a 532 nm (green) laser source to excite particles labelled with appropriate fluorophores, whose fluorescence can then be determined using suitably matched long or short-pass filters.

The Green laser module for the NanoSight NS300 equipment. The NS300 allows analysis of the size distributionand concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 0.01 – 1 µm in diameter. This new laser module will allow NTA to measure a range of fluorescent particles, avoiding interferences during the measurements due to sample (auto)fluorescence and absorption.  This is done by detecting the fluorescence signal, which is emitted naturally by particles or as a result of fluorescence labeling or tagging.