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Preclinical validation characterization - Equipment

Preclinical validation characterization – Equipment

U18-E10. Olympus Microsocpe

Olympus Microsocpe for histological analysis of disease and normal tissues.
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U18-E09. Tissue Arrayer

Tissue Arrayer for processing multiple samples in a single slide for immunohistochemistry staining
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U13-E3. Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM: Atomic Force Microscopy JPK. AFMs can be used to measure the forces between the probe and the sample as a function of their mutual separation. This can be applied to perform force spectroscopy.
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U12-E20. Osmometer Type 15 (Löser Messtechnik)

Osmometer Type 15 (Löser Messtechnik) for osmolality measurements.
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U12-E18. Viscosimeter RVDV-II+P (Brookfield)

Viscosimeter RVDV-II+P (Brookfield) for viscosity measurements.
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U12-E17. Zetasizer NanoZ (Malvern Instruments)

Zetasizer NanoZ (Malvern Instruments) for zeta potential measurements.
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U12-E16. Autosorb IQ (Quantachrome Instruments)

Autosorb IQ (Quantachrome Instruments) for determination of surface area and pore volume.
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U12-E15. SEM Hitachi TM-1000 (Hitachi)

SEM Hitachi TM-1000 (Hitachi) for morphological characterization.
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U19-E14. Recorder Device leukocyte (Leucoform 83 de CRISON)

Recorder Device leukocyte (Leucoform 83 de CRISON).

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U19-E05. Blood cells counter (MEK-6318. NIHON KOHDEN)

Blood cells counter (MEK-6318. NIHON KOHDEN)

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