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Strategic Plan & Objectives


  1. Consolidation of NANBIOSIS infrastructure and its scientific units.
  2. Strengthening translational research and technology transfer in the field of biomedicine
  3. Building strong alliances with other institutions, research centres, universities or companies in order to boost infrastructure sharing or joint promotion and utilization of research services.
  4. Search and analysis of initiatives which can be similar to NANBIOSIS, in terms of integration and sharing of equipments, best practices and assessment of potential synergies and knowledge sharing (ESFRI, networks, etc.).
  5. Establishment of an agile, representative and well -structured model for NANBIOSIS’ management
  6. Development of the Human Resources Programme including attraction, promotion and training.
  7. Definition of a viability plan to guarantee financial resources for the infrastructure in the medium term.
  8. Definition of an annual monitoring and control review of the activity and management of every unit to be shared with the Institutions in the consortium.
  9. Strengthening the mechanisms of control, monitoring and assessment of the outcomes associated with the use of NANBIOSIS platform.
  10. Consolidation of the single contact point model.
  11. Enhancement of the promotional actions for NANBIOSIS platform