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Platform Unit 2. Biomaterials and Nanomaterials Production

Platform Unit 2 supply 2D and 3D materials and constructs for the correct development of research projects dealing with the strategic lines of Tissue Engineering, Implants and with the Area of Nanomedicine. Some of the possible applicatios are:

  • Functionalization of biosensors and devices by biodeposition.
  • Surface treatmens to improve the integration of implants and prosthesis.
  • Creation of 3D matrices made of polymers, ceramics or composites; elaboration of scaffolds and prototypes for experimental assays, and functionalization of scaffolds with stem cells.
  • Production and characterization of pure active pharmaceutical ingredients with nanoscale size, vesicular systems, nanosuspensions or composites of a biopolymer with an active ingredient.
  • Sinthesys of functionalized nanoparticles and surfaces.
  • Preparation at lab-scale of molecular materials with controlled micro-, nano- and supramolecular structure.
  • Growing of materials on surfaces to improve the bio-electronic interphases to enhance the signals biomonitoring.