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U21. Experimental operating rooms


U21. Experimental operating rooms

  • Scientific Director: Dr. Francisco M. Sánchez Margallo msanchez@ccmijesususon.com
  • Entities: Jesus Uson Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC)
  • Address: Carretera N-521, km 41, 10071 Cáceres
  • Phone: + 34 927 181 032
  • Web: JUMISC

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Experimental operating rooms with high technology and high field instrumentation to promote methodological and translational research class in Biomedicine, both minimally invasive surgery and new procedures and in preclinical development for technical evaluation, medical devices, biomaterials, etc. Surgical facilities allow the development and use of small and large animal models for research and experimental surgery in several longitudinal areas: cardiovascular diseases, liver and digestive diseases, respiratory and systemic diseases, endocrinology and urology, gynecological and reproductive diseases, pediatric diseases, orthopedics and traumatology, ophthalmology and experimental surgery in all organ systems have the infrastructure for transplant development, implants, prosthesis, biomaterials, etc. under high quality experimental conditions that allow surgery, clinical follow up and obtaining biological samples in these models.