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Platform Unit 3. Preclinical Validation: tissue, biomaterial and surfaces characterization

Plantform Unit 3 provide services of characterization of biological tissues, biomaterials and nanosystems developed in the frame of the Platform of Production of biomaterials and nanoparticles.


The services are foscused on the:

  • Characterization of the functional behavior of the 2 and 3D constructs and tissue scaffolds.
  • Morphological and mecanical-structural tissue characterization.
  • Compositional and structural surface characterization of materials and biological solutions.
  • In vitro and ex vivo real time study of cells and tissue behavior in presence of potential therapeutic .agents and identification and lkocalization of therapeutic targets.
  • Intramolecular interactions characterization and control of functional properties of materials.
  • Study the internalization of therapeutic agents in cells.