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Active projects

Safety Testing in the Life Cycle of Nanotechnology-enabled Medical Technologies for Heath”   (Safe-N-MedTech)

is a H2020 project (GA: 814607) funded by the European Commission under the topic DT-NMBP-02-2018-Open Innovation Test Beds for Safety Testing of Medical Technologies for Health (IA). The project is part of the Open Innovation Test Bed Initiative (OITB) launched by the European Commission with the aim of accelerating the development of medical devices based on nanotechnologies in Europe and abroad. The project counts with 28 partners with a total funding of 15 million euros. The Consorcio Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER) is partner of the project through the Spanish Research Infrastructure NANBIOSIS -ICTS integrated by CIBER, CCMIJU and BIONAND. Subsequently, several units of the ICTS NANBIOSIS will carry out some of the F/Q, in vitro and in vivo characterizations applied to the Pilot Test Cases described in the project.

TitleFundin: Organism
RTC-2016-4770-1Development of a new bioadhesive for the treatment of Pterigium. BiotapeMinisterio de Economía, Industría y Competitividad (MINECO)
RTC-2016-5451-1Development of Bioprinting and Bioink systems for cartilage and bone repairMinisterio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad (MINECO)
ICTS-2017-10-CIBER-2Acquisition and istallation of infrastrucuture to complemntUnis 3-Synthesis of Peptides, U18-Nanotoxicology y U20-In vivoExperimentMinisterio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad (MINECO)
GA: 783132POSITION-II “A pilot line for the next generation of smart catheters and implants” Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (JU) - ECSEL JU
GA: 696656Graphene-based disruptive technologies — GrapheneCore1Unión Europea (Comisión Europea)
GA: 785219Graphene Flagship Core Project-2 — GrapheneCore2Unión Europea (Comisión Europea)
GA: 645991DRIVE – Diabetes-Reversing Implants for Enhanced viability and long-term efficacyUnión Europea (Comisión Europea)
GA: 649953GRAPHENE FPA – FLAGSHIP - Graphene-based revolutions in ICT and beyondUnión Europea (Comisión Europea)
GA: 720942SMART FUNCTIONAL GLA-NANOFORMULATION FOR FABRY DISEASE – Smart-4-FabryUnión Europea (Comisión Europea)
SAF2017-90810-REDIStrategic Promotion and coordinated managementofNanbiosis: Pronanbiosis IIAgencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI)

Publications 2022

U06 Tomsen-Melero, Judit; Merlo-Mas, Josep; Carreño, Aida; Sala, Santi; Córdoba, Alba; Veciana, Jaume; González-Mira, Elisabet; Ventosa, Nora Liposomal formulations for treating lysosomal storage disorders Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 190 Volume 190, November 2022, 114531 10.1016/j.addr.2022.114531

U10- Tania B. Lopez-Mendez, Edorta Santos-Vizcaino, Jose Luis Pedraz, Gorka Orive, Rosa Maria Hernandez, “Cell microencapsulation technologies for sustained drug delivery: Latest advances in efficacy and biosafety,” Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 335, 10 July 2021, Pages 619-636 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jconrel.2021.06.006

U10- Ainhoa Gonzalez-Pujana, Ana Beloqui, José Javier Aguirre, Manoli Igartua, Edorta Santos-Vizcaino, Rosa Maria Hernandez, Mesenchymal stromal cells encapsulated in licensing hydrogels exert delocalized systemic protection against ulcerative colitis via subcutaneous xenotransplantation, European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Volume 172,
2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejpb.2022.01.007

U20- Eduardo Felix, José M. Mánuel, Rocio Litrán, Miguel A. Rodríguez, Sara Román-Sánchez, Ruth Lahoz, Eva Natividad, Cecilia Fernández-Ponce, Francisco Garcia-Cozar, Monserrat Llaguno-Munive, Ibane Abasolo, Pilar Yeste, Cathrin Pfaff, Jürgen Kriwet, Oscar Bomati-Miguel, “Scanning pulsed laser ablation in liquids: An alternative route to obtaining biocompatible YbFe nanoparticles as multiplatform contrast agents for combined MRI and CT imaging”, Ceramics International, 2022. Available online 15 November 2022  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ceramint.2022.11.099

U14, U21, U22, U24 de Pedro MÁ, Pulido M, Marinaro F, Álvarez V, Báez-Díaz C, Blanco V, Silla-Castro JC, Sanchez-Cabo F, Sánchez-Margallo FM, Crisóstomo V, Casado JG, López E. Intrapericardial Administration of Secretomes from Menstrual Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: Effects on Immune-Related Genes in a Porcine Model of Myocardial Infarction. Biomedicines. 2022; 10(5):1117. https://doi.org/10.3390/biomedicines10051117

U17–  de Frutos S, Griera M, Hatem-Vaquero M, Campillo S, Gutiérrez-Calabres E, García-Ayuso D, Pardo M, Calleros L, Rodríguez-Puyol M, Rodríguez-Puyol D. The integrin beta1 modulator Tirofiban prevents adipogenesis and obesity by the overexpression of integrin-linked kinase: a pre-clinical approach in vitro and in vivo. Cell Biosci. 2022 Jan 28;12(1):10. doi: 10.1186/s13578-022-00746-1

U10- Markel Lafuente-Merchan,Sandra Ruiz-Alonso,Alaitz Zabala,Patricia Gálvez-Martín,Juan Antonio Marchal,Blanca Vázquez-Lasa,Idoia Gallego,Laura Saenz-del-Burgo,Jose Luis Pedraz Chondroitin and Dermatan Sulfate Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting and Cartilage Regeneration  Macro Molecular Bioscience 13 January 2022 https://doi.org/10.1002/mabi.202100435