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U16. Surface Characterization and Calorimetry Unit

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U16. Surface Characterization and Calorimetry Unit

  • Scientific Director: Prof. M Luisa González Martín mlglez@unex.es
  • Scientific Coordinator: Prof. M Luisa González Martín mlglez@unex.es
  • Entities: Universidad de Extremadura
  • Address: Avda Elvas, S/N, 06006, Badajoz, Spain
  • Phone: +34 924 289 532
  • Web: WEB


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The purpose of this Unit is to give support for the analysis of surface composition to researchers. This facility allows a broad knowledge about the chemistry of surfaces by the combination of the information of elements presents and their coordination state, given by the XPS technique, and the molecular structure of surface provided by the ToF-SIMs equipment. Its capabilities permit to work with extended and powdered solids, including those from biological origin as cells and bacteria. The characteristics of thin films on surfaces, as thickness, composition or electrical conductivity, can be also analyzed in this unit by spectroscopic ellipsometry. In addition, calorimetric analysis can be performed to test surface reactivity on powdered solids. ITC calorimetry facility is also under the Unit scheme.

Surface analysis laboratory fulfils the ISO9001:2008 (ES050823-1).  Nanbiosis- U16-logo-ISO9001

News U16

23 Feb

NANBIOSIS ICTS invites groups and companies to discuss Smart Biomaterials and devices for Drug Delivery

On February 22nd, the National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute hosted the forum on Smart Biomaterials and biomedical devices for applications in drug delivery and regenerative medicine, organized by the ICTS Nanbiosis, an infrastructure shared by the CIBER-BBN and the Center of Minimally Invasive Surgery Jesus Usón (CCMIJU). This is the first groups/companies meeting organized by Nanbiosis, in which about 70 B2B meetings  were held. The meeting brought together about 40 participants from 14 research groups (from the CIBER-BBN and the CCMIJU) and 10 companies, which discussed the latest advances in the research lines developed by the groups[...]

16 Nov

Posters presentation by NANBIOSIS Units in CIBER-BBN ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017

Last 13 and 14 of November, CIBER-BBN  has celebrated its 11th Annual Conference in Hotel Santemar in Santander. In this conference there was a poster session with the participation of the following Units of NANBIOSIS. Special mention deserves Unit 1 with Neus Ferrer as Director and  Paolo Saccardo as Coordinator (in the picture): Posters: U1. Protein Production Platform (PPP): Engineering protein complexes as nano- or micro-structured vehicles or drugs for human and veterinary medicine. Ugutz Unzueta, Naroa Serna, Laura Sánchez-García, José Vicente Carratalá, Olivia Cano-Garrido, Mercedes Márquez, Paolo Saccardo, Rosa Mendoza, Raquel Díaz, Héctor, López-Laguna, Julieta Sánchez, Anna Obando, Amanda Muñoz, Andrés Cisneros, Eric Voltà, Aida Carreño, José[...]

19 Dec

Biomedical materials that repel bacteria
Biomedical materials that repel bacteria

The magazine Viceversa dedicates a special article to María Luisa González, Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Extremadura and Scientific Director of Unit 16 of NANBIOSIS: Surface Characterization and Calorimetry Unit. One of her latest projects, PHYTECH, has developed a new surface for bone implants containing phytate, a natural product found in plant seeds that favours the regeneration of bone tissue and reduces the risk of infections in implants. Now, her research group is about to start a new European project with implant manufacturers in Austria and Lithuania, whose goal is to obtain a crystalline coating for titanium[...]

06 May

U16. Ellipsometer
A new surface for bone implants that promotes regeneration and reduces the risk of infections in which.

The Phytech project (funded by the Spanish Government through the Call INNPACTO) has recently finished with the participation of CIBER-BBN, through Unit 16 of NANBIOSIS, the University of the Balearic Islands and the companies NuMat Biomedical and Sanifit). Unit 16 of NANBIOSIS – Surface Characterization and Calorimetry, coordinated by Dr. M. Luisa Gonzalez, has conducted tests of surface composition by surface characterization techniques (XPS and ToF-SIMS) as well as the analysis microbial response of the raised surfaces in this development The results of this project have been published in the journal Applied Materials & Interfaces of the American Chemical Society.[...]