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Biomaterials & nanomaterials production - Equipment

Biomaterials & nanomaterials production – Equipment

New tensiometer for NANBIOSIS Unit 12

The new Biolin Sigma 701 has replaced the previos KSV Sigma 700. in the equipment of NANBIOSIS U12 Nanostructured liquid characterization unit

With this new tensiometer automated and high precision measurement of surface and interfacial tensions, contact angles and critical micelle concentrations will be obtained.

The purchase of the new tensiometer has been co-funded by the CSIC through a grant received from the Scientific and Technical Services support (MEC1372).

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U8-E10. Encapsulation equipment

Encapsulation equipment.

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U8-E09. Optical (SEM) and electrical (Impedance) characterization equipment

Optical (SEM) and electrical (Impedance) characterization equipment.

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U8-E08. Nanolithography equipment

Nanolithography equipment

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U8-E07. RIE and DRIE equipment

RIE and DRIE equipment.

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U8-E06. Chemical banks for micro/nanotechnologies

Chemical banks for micro/nanotechnologies.

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U8-E05. CVD nitride and oxide passivation equipment

CVD nitride and oxide passivation equipment.

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U8-E04. Optical photolithography equipment

Optical photolithography equipment.

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U8-E03. Platinum and gold deposition equipment

Platinum and gold deposition equipment.

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U8-E02. Thermal oxidation process equipment.

Thermal oxidation process equipment.

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