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High perfomance computing - Services

High perfomance computing – Services

U27-S06. Mass storage (Onsite&Remote)

Mass storage.

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U27-S05. Massive parallel processing (Onsite&Remote)

Massive parallel processing.

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U27-S01. Remote access to HPC (On-site&Remote)

Remote access to the platform enables calculation
intensive numerical models to be run for use in applications
>> Biomedical Engineering aplications with large data processing requirement
>> Bio-Informatics and Computational Chemistry
>> Scientific modeling
>> Computational Fluid Dynamics
>> Computer Vision and MATLAB Acceleration
>> Image processing.

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U27-S02. Software installation on demand (Onsite&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Installation of specific software on demand for research purposes.

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U27-S03. Biomedical signals processing, especially in cardiology (Onsite&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Automatization over ECG, polisomnography and other signals. Autonomic nervous system (VRV, BP, HRT, etc.) Characterization time-frecuency of biomedical signals. Outpatient detection of apnea. Characterization of cardiac risk through ECG. ECG multilevel (cellular and surface) electric modelling.

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U27-S04. Modeling of the functional behaviour of tissues and organs (Onsite&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Modeling and simulation of the functional behavior of tissues and organs with application in the evaluation of pathologies and surgery, pre-operative planning and virtual surgery. The main fields of application are related to the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and other tissues such as trachea, eye or breast.

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