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U13. Tissue & Scaffold Characterization Unit – Equipment

U13. Tissue & Scaffold Characterization Unit – Equipment

U13-E04. Micro-scale tension-compression test system CellScale.

Test system for small samples including:

  • Main equipment (Micro-scale tension-compression test system)
  • Tangential test module (Shear Axis add-on for MicroTester system)

Description: Enhanced for smaller samples, the MicroTester offers improved force resolution, streamlined test setups, and exceptional visual feedback. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications, from tiny tissue samples to hydrogel microspheres, cell spheroids, and engineered microtissues.

Technical specifications: Piezo-electric actuators with 0.1µm resolution Optional second axis imaging Force resolution down to 10nN High resolution CCD imaging Integrated temperature-controlled media bath Fully featured user interface software for simple, cyclic, relaxation, and multi-modal testing with real-time feedback

Aplications: Compression, tension, bending, indentation and shear testing

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U13-E3. Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM: Atomic Force Microscopy JPK. AFMs can be used to measure the forces between the probe and the sample as a function of their mutual separation. This can be applied to perform force spectroscopy.


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U13-E02. Machines for mechanical tests

Machines for mechanical tests:

• Instron MicroTester 5848 and 5548: electromechanical machines for displacement or load control tests:

•• load range from 1mN to 2kN at full scale.
•• load cells of:+/- 5, 50, 500 and 1000N.
•• synchronous data capture in all the channels up to
500 Hz.
• Biaxial Instron MicroTester 8874: axial-torsional, servohydraulic testing machine:
•• load capacity of 25 kN and 100 Nm.
•• fatigue tests at a low number of cycles.

›› Software for data control and analysis.
›› Accessories and tools especially designed by the group, which allow a wide flexibility in designing tests, allowing the verification and/or validation of theoretical models.
›› AVE video extensometer connected to the machines; resolution of 0.5 μm. To determine the axial and transverse deformation without contact (tension, dynamic properties and viscoelasticity) of the samples.

• E1000 Test Instrument: Dynamic systems to offer slow-speed static testing and high-frequency dynamic fatigue testing with hundreds of Hertz capability: Load range: 250 N to 2.0 KN.
• Nano BIONIX MTS: For nanomechanical characterization of biomaterials. Load range to 0.001N to 0.5N.

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U13-E01. MicroCT GE eXplore Locus SP (GE)

MicroCT GE eXplore Locus SP (GE): Computed X-ray Axial Tomograph for the non-destructive study of the microstructure and in vitro tomography: ›› Samples of up to 40 mm in diameter; resolution of 10 μm. ›› Different types of tissues, implants, scaffolds, etc. ›› Complete “section-by-section” imaging with a single rotation (cone beam volumetric technology); excellent image quality and “signal-to-noise” ratio. ›› “Bone Analysis Tool” software provided with: •• BMD (Bone Mineral Density): It calculates the density of minerals in the bone, the bone volume fraction and the mineral content in the bone. •• Anisotropy: It determines the degree of symmetry and the orientation of the trabecular structure. •• Cortical Analysis: It determines “section-by-section” the width, surface area and the BMD value of the cortical bone. •• Stereology: It provides the bone volume fraction, the ratio between the surface of the bone and its volume and the width of the trabecular plate. •• Direct Measures: It determines the local trabecular width of a bone and allows obtaining a visual representation of this local width.

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