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U20. In Vivo Experimental Unit

U20. In Vivo Experimental Unit

U20-E01. Optical imaging equipment

Optical imaging equipment:

– Xenogen IVIS ® Spectrum: is a high sensitivity, low background noise system for non-invasive optical imaging which enables bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of cells (in vitro), entire animals (in vivo) and organs (ex vivo).

– Leica MacroFluo™: is a precision macroscope with filters for multiple fluorochromes, a Z16 APO (16:1) zoom system and a CCD camera to monitor and record the fluorescence of entire organs and tissues at high resolution with no need to process them histologically.

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U20-S01. Non-invasive optical imaging (bioluminescence and fluorescence) (Remote) OUTSTANDING

The service includes de use of singular equipment for optical in vivo imaging (IVIS® Spectrum and Macrofluo) for the acquisition and quantification of bioluminescent and/or fluorescent images in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo.

Quantification services, as well as support on the analysis of obtained images by specialized personnel is also included.

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U20-S02. Animal models in oncology (Remote) OUTSTANDING

The unit/platform has strong background in oncology and counts with different type of cancer mouse models, all of them monitorable by means of bioluminescence imaging. They include subcutaneous models in a great variety of cancer types (prostate, colon, breast, pancreas, kidney, etc.) and also orthtopic and experimental metastasismodels.

The unit/platform can also set-up and validate novel xenograft models upon request.

 List of available models

  • Subcutaneous models (different cell lines and cancer types)
  • Orthotopic models:
    • Intraprostatic
    • Intramammary (i.m.f.p.)
    • Stereotactic
    • Ceccum
    • Intrapulmonar
  • Experimental metastases:
    • Intracardiac (bone metastases)
    • Intravenous (lung metastases)
    • Intraportal (liver metastases)
  • Spontaneous metastases
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U20-S03. In vivo Experimental consultancy (Remote) OUTSTANDING

Planing, execution and interpretation of in vivo assays requirestime and expertise. At this unit, we give consultancy serviceson  preclinical model design, support and advice for research projects, including selection and use of the appropriate imaging system and evaluation and interpretation of the data obtained.

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U20-S04. In vivo Efficay Assays of drugs, nanomedicines, biomaterials and others (Remote) OUTSTANDING

The unit/platform is specialized in oncology and lysosomal storages diseases, and several animal models are available for this type of diseases.

However, we are experienced in developing new efficacy models for testing novel nanomaterials, carriers and therapeutica compounds. Please contact us to see how we can help you in your research Project.

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U20-S05. In vivo Toxicology (Onsite&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Potential target toxicity of new nanomaterials and drug delivery systems has to be carefully evaluated to support further clinical assays.  At U20 we can design, perform and evaluate all type of toxicological studies, including those toxicity analyses performed along with efficacy studiestomore specifically designed long-term or short-term toxicity assays.

Specifically, we provide full services of anatomical pathology, from sample preparation, inclusion, section and staining to anatomopathological evaluation.

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