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U3. Synthesis of Peptides Unit

U3. Synthesis of Peptides Unit

U3-S01. Synthesis of peptides and characterisation (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Synthesis of peptides and characterisation (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Peptide production on various scales from mg (scale: 10 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg) and grams.
Synthesis of peptides containing phosphorylated amino acids, acylated or methylated side chains (lysine) or non-natural amino acids.
Peptides can be delivered as synthesis crudes (without purification) and purified (≥95% by HPLC).
Peptides are characterized by HPLC and HPLC-MS

Customer benefits

  • Extensive experience on peptide synthesis.
  • Experience in difficult sequences.
  • Control quality at different synthesis points.
  • Capability to design diverse synthesis strategies and purification
  • Development of peptide synthesis methodology.

Target customer

  • Research groups (drug delivery, molecular biology, pharmacology, nanotechnology, biotechnology)
  • Companies (biotech and pharma companies).


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