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U4. Biodeposition and Biodetection Unit - Equipment

U4. Biodeposition and Biodetection Unit – Equipment

U4-E02. Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) (Sensia ß-SPR)

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) (Sensia ß-SPR).

›› System specifications:
•• 300 nl each flow cell
•• Angular resolution of 0.01º
•• Detection limit of 10-5 in refractive index
•• Disposable sensor glass slides of 10 mm x 10mm coated with a 50nm Au layer
•• Monitoring changes in refractive index as a function of time allows real-time analysis of the binding events occurring at the sensor surface.

›› Compatible targets for detection:
•• Antibodies and other proteins
•• Nucleic acids
•• Viruses
•• Cell, bacteria
•• Organic and inorganic compounds

›› Compatible media:
•• Aqueous buffers
Biological fluids (serum, urine…)

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U4-E01. Nano eNabler™ System (Unique System available in Spain)

Nano eNabler™ System equipped with an outer enclosure to completely control de environment (Humidity range: 25-80% RH). Optical Microscope (150X to 1000X) with Video Capture controlled with the NanoWare™ software. A Bioforce UV Tip Cleaner for cleaning of the SPT™ for further reuse is also available.

System specifications:
•• Delivery of attoliter (10-15 L) to femtoliter (10-18 L) volumes
•• Printing of spots and lines from 1 to 60 μm
•• 20 nm stage resolution, 50 mm XY travel range
•• 100 msec printing cycle
•• 25 to 80% Relative Humidity (RH) work range
•• High control of the dispensed volume and the size of the formed drop
•• Printing in any user defined-pattern
•• Multiplexing ability

›› Compatible materials for deposition:
•• Antibodies and other proteins
•• Nucleic acids
•• Viruses
•• Cells, bacteria
•• Nanoparticles (e.g. Quantum dots, colloidal nanoparticles…)
•• Etchants, solvents, adhesives

›› Compatible surfaces:
•• Glass, silicon, silanes
•• Alkanethiol, SAMs
•• Gold and other metals
•• Hydrogels
•• Nitrocellulose
•• Plastic and other polymers

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