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U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit - Equipment

U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit – Equipment

U5-E01. Tissue Engineering Tool 3D-300 series (nScript Inc.) for rapid prototyping


›› Three heads for injection of different materials:
•• Polymers
•• Ceramics
•• Living cells

›› Allowed viscosities ranging from 1 to 106 centipoises.
›› System for temperature and humidity control to enable the printing conditions to be adjusted. It is possible to create a microenvironment appropriate for each mixture of materials and proteins and to achieve high rates of cell viability.
›› Controlled by Software .
›› Visual monitoring system based on a digital camera, firewire cameras and high magnification lenses, with detection and measurement of colormetric/monochromatic variations.
›› Mapping system using a laser sensor for control of normal and extended working distances. It includes Target, Grid and Path mapping.
›› High-precision dispensing pump for dynamic control of the flow rate.

›› Position control system:
•• X/Y/Z accuracy: ±10 μm
•• X/Y reproducibility: ±2 μm
•• X/Y resolution: 0.5 μm
•• X/Y velocity: 304 mm/s (12”/s)
•• X/Y displacement: 304X 152 mm (12”X6”)
•• Z displacement: 101 mm (4”)

In addition, it should be noted that the system is sited in a clean room with a controlled environment and supply of the gases required for these tests.

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