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U18. Nanotoxicology Unit– Equipment

U18. Nanotoxicology Unit – Equipment

U18-E13. Immunofluorescenece supplement for Olympus Microscope

Immunofluorescenece supplement for Olympus Microscope for immunofuorescent evaluaction of cells and tissues


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U18-E12. Decloaking Chamber NxGen (Anacron diagnostics)

Decloaking Chamber NxGen (Anacron diagnostics); Charmber for antigen retrieval for immunohistochemical assays

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U18-E11. Abacus hematocytometer

Abacus hematocytometer to determine the leucocytary formula in animal blood.


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U18-E10. Olympus Microsocpe

Olympus Microsocpe for histological analysis of disease and normal tissues.


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U18-E09. Tissue Arrayer

Tissue Arrayer for processing multiple samples in a single slide for immunohistochemistry staining


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U18-E08. Electrophoresis systems

Electrophoresis of cell extracts is performed to evaluate protein expression by Western Blot assays.

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U18-E07. Plate readers

A FLUOstar OPTIMA spectrophotometer is used for the measurement of cell viability assays by absorbance and also for protein quantification. Fluorescence assays can be also performed with this plate reader

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U18-E06. Tip and bath sonicators

Tip and bath sonicators.

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U18-E05. Equipment for cutting and staining histological sections

These equipments (HistoCore BIOCUT Leica microtome, a cooling plate and a bath) are used for cutting paraffin blocks of histological samples in order to perform hematoxilin&eosin staining or immunohistochemistry analyses.



Cooling plate

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U18-E04. Equipment for paraffin processing

Equipment for paraffin processing: tissue processors and inclusion stations.

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