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U18. Nanotoxicology Unit– Equipment

U18. Nanotoxicology Unit – Equipment

U18-E03. Dissection hoods

Dissection hoods.

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U18-E02. Autoclaves, refrigerators, freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks

Autoclaves for sterilization of buffers, media or material (tips, tubes, eppendorfs,…). Refrigerators, freezers (-20ºC and -80ºC) and liquid nitrogen tanks for the preservation of reagents, samples and cells.


Refrigerators and -20ºC freezers

 Freezers (-80ºC)

Freezers (-80ºC)

Nitrogen liquid tanks

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U18-E01. Cell culture rooms

Four cell culture rooms fully with equipped with cell culture hoods, CO2 incubators, automatic cell counters, refrigerators, freezers, baths, centrifuges, inverted fluorescence and phase contrast microscopes.

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