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U16-E08. Streaming analyzer

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Zeta Potential Analyzer for Solid Samples SurPASS 3


The SurPASS 3 zeta potential analyzer allows for the determination of the electrical interaction potential (zeta potential) of an extensive solid surface in a non-destructive manner. With this equipment, it is possible to evaluate the electrical properties of the surface of a wide range of materials, as well as membranes. Due to its continuous operation capability, it is possible to monitor electrical changes on surfaces through the zeta potential, resulting from adsorption and ionization processes.

Technical Specifications:

This system allows for the determination of the zeta potential and the isoelectric point (IEP) of surfaces with different geometries, such as flat solids, powders, fibers, sheets, and porous materials, using various types of cells. There are four measurement cells available: an adjustable gap cell for rectangular flat samples of 20mm x 10mm, an adjustable gap cell for 12mm diameter disks, a cylindrical measuring cell for fibers, fabrics, textiles, granular media, and powder, and a cell for flat samples with a minimum surface of 35mm x 15mm or 20mm diameter. For the determination of the IEP, the SurPASS 3 analyzer has two syringe pumps that allow for automated pH modification while determining the surface zeta potential. The SurPASS 3 analyzer allows for measurements in two different modes: flow potential and flow current with precise determination of the streaming channel dimensions.


This system enables the determination of the zeta potential and the isoelectric point (IEP) of surfaces with various geometries in an automated manner. The ability to measure in current mode allows for the electrical characterization of surfaces not only of dielectric materials but also of conductors. Furthermore, it is possible to record electrical changes on the surface of a material due to the adsorption-desorption of different molecules at the solid-liquid interface.