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Biomolecules production - Services

Biomolecules production – Services

U1-S02. Bioproduction of proteins (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

  • Production of the plasmid DNA that contains the gene of the relevant protein to be incorporated into the producing cells by transformation/transfection.
  • Selection of the optimal protein production conditions using small and medium-scale expression; confirmation of the expression using Westernblot and SDS-PAGE analysis and quantification by densitometry.
  • Measurements of the solubility/aggregation of the protein under study.
  • Scale-up of the upstream processing in bioreactors or incubator shaker according to requirements.”
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U1-S01. Molecular cloning (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

  • Identification of the most appropriate system, selecting between Escherichia coli, insect cells (with expression systems based on infection with Baculovirus) and mammalian cells, according to the characteristics of the desired protein in terms of its size, modifications, etc.
  • Cloning of the gene that codifies for the protein of interest in the chosen expression vector; selection of the positive genes and their characterization by sequencing.
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