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Biomolecules production - Services

Biomolecules production – Services

U2-S04. Polyclonal Antibody Production (Remote) OUTSTANDING

The service has a standard immunization protocol that includes monthly inoculations with Freund adjuvant during a period of 4 months. This protocol can be adapted to final project objective.

To determine the progress of the immune response, a bleed is taken after 10 days after the second immunization to obtain antiserum and the titer is determined through ELISA.

Among the controls is included obtaining preimmune serum from the animals obtained from the blood previously to the first injection. At the end of the process 50-70 mL of hyperimmune serum is obtained per animal from final production bleed.

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U2-S03. Preparation of Bioconjugates and Molecular Probes (Remote) OUTSTANDING

Protein and hapten conjugation services with different types of molecules such as: Enzymes, Fluorophores, Biotin, KLH, BSA, gold particles, magnetic particles, nanotubes…

Preparation of antibody fragments.

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U2-S02. Hapten synthesis (Remote) OUTSTANDING

Selection of suitable leading structures for antigen preparation, hapten synthesis, hapten modification and derivation.

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U3-S02. Modification of the peptides (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Modification of the peptides during and post synthesis to meet user requirements:

  • Binding to fluorophores and other types of molecules.
  • Conjugation to KLH protein or other carriers for immunization.
3. Peptides-System for acidolactic cleavage of the peptide resin boundby anhydrous HF
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U3-S01. Synthesis of peptides and characterisation (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Synthesis of peptides at various different scales (100 mg to grams) and Purification and characterisation using HPCL and HPLC -MS .

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U2-S01. Scientific and technical support (Remote)

Scientific and technical support and advice on immunogen design, immunoreagent synthesis and production, antibody production and immunoassay design and development.

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U1-S05. Training courses in protein Production (On-site&Remote)

e.g. Course on “Strategies for optimization of recombinant protein production”)

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U1-S06. Criopreservation (On-site&Remote)

Criopreservation of Proteins, Plasmids, etc

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U1-S04. Consultancy in protein production (On-site&Remote)

In all matters dealing with protein production, expresion systems, etc, according to the final application of the product.

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U1-S03: Proteins purification (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

  • Identification of the most appropriate strategy for purification, given the physical and chemical properties, opting either for purification modules or, in the case of fusion proteins, elements which enable purification by affinity.
  • Purification (downstream processing) using FPLC chromatography and/or tangential filtration.
  • Quality control of the purified protein ( molecular weight and purity by SDS-PAGE, biological activity, conformation by FTIR and DLS.
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