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Preclinical validation bioimaging - Equipment

Preclinical validation bioimaging

U26-E07. MRS*DRYMAG3017-Flexiscan

Equipment Features:

Description: 3T preclinical imaging equipment with PET ClipOn attached.

Technical specifications: Imaging equipment with superconducting magnet, capable of varying the angle from 0 to 90º, without cryogenics of 3 Teslas; mouth diameter of 170mm; 600 mT/m gradients with 5% linearity; 30 mm DSV for Homogeneity and 0.05 ppm/hour for stability; 350 Kg of total weight.


Acquisition and viewing of in vivo images of mice and rats as well as other beings or materials of similar size.

  • Qualitative and quantitative studies (relaxation times T1 and T2 and even making maps) at the brain level and other organs.
  • Cardiological sequences: diffusion, determination of blood volume…
    Anatomical and functional studies of different organs (for example: renal, abdominal, liver…).
  • Bone-level imaging, distinguish between bone material from soft tissue.
    Fat suppression techniques.
  • Oncological studies to detect and locate tumors and volume calculation.
  • Carry out studies on fruits and vegetables (grapes, kiwi, tomato, seeds…).
  • Perform studies with/without contrast (Gadolinium) and see the differences between the 2 images.
  • Thanks to the possibility of rotating the equipment in a vertical position, images of plants can be obtained (because by their nature, they have to be in a vertical orientation, such as a stem).
  • Ex-vivo studies can also be carried out vertically and in this way we maintain the integrity of the organ (eg heart).
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U22-E09. Metabolic cages to perform toxicity studies in rodents

Metabolic cages to perform toxicity studies in rodents

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U18-E13. Immunofluorescenece supplement for Olympus Microscope

Immunofluorescenece supplement for Olympus Microscope for immunofuorescent evaluaction of cells and tissues


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U18-E12. Decloaking Chamber NxGen (Anacron diagnostics)

Decloaking Chamber NxGen (Anacron diagnostics); Charmber for antigen retrieval for immunohistochemical assays

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U18-E11. Abacus hematocytometer

Abacus hematocytometer to determine the leucocytary formula in animal blood.


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U20-E04. General laboratory equipment

General laboratory equipment

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U26-E06. Gilson 215 liquid handler for automated sample preparation of liquid samples

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U26-E04. Bruker DPX300 spectrometer(7 T) with standard entrance, and two RF channels.


  • 5mm QNP (1H, 13C, 31P and 19F), with pneumatic accessory for automatic nucleus change and field gradients along the z axis.
  • BACS autosampler for 60 samples.
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U26-E02. -NMR microscopy system for imaging Bruker 14T

  • Functional and metabolic studies in cells, tissues and animal models. Coils 2mm, 5mm and 10mm. Image of 1H, 13C and 31P.
  • Microcamera for its use in the NM R equipment for:
  • The simultaneous determination of structural images (dimensions and sections of 50 μm and less)
  • Metabolic images (voxel sizes < 200 μm) in model systems.
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U26-E05 Bruker Avance III 400 WB spectrometer, with ultrashielded widemouth magnet (89 mm), 400 MHz (9.4 T), with two RF channels and high power amplifiers for solid-state experiments.


  • DVT 1H/BB Probe. 4mm multinuclear probe, with 1H channel and broadband channel with range frequency from 15N to 31P.
  • DVT 1H/BB Probe. 7mm multinuclear probe, with 1H channel and broadband channel with range frequency from 15N to 31P.
  • 2H lock channel for observing liquids.
  • PA BBOF Probe. 5mm direct multinuclear probe with broadband channel (range frequency from 15N to 31P) and additional observation of 19F.
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