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Preclinical validation bioimaging - Equipment

Preclinical validation bioimaging

U26-E01. DRX-600 Bruker NM R equipment (14 Teslas)

DRX-600 Bruker NM R equipment (14 Teslas):

•• 4-channel electronic systems with applications in fluids, tissues, biomaterials and microimaging
•• Thermostating system for fluids and tissues, and for molecular imaging and microimaging
•• Set of coils: fluids 5 mm, micro-fluids 1 mm, tissues (High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning, HR-MAS) + pneumatic and microimaging system for 10, 5 and 2 mm.
•• 60 Amp GREAT unit for each X/Y/Z axis of the field gradients
•• 13C selective device with 1H decoupling.
•• 2D microcoil for 500 μm and 100 μm microsamples.
•• Refrigerated SampleJet autosampler with temperature control for 60 Samples

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U25-E10. Animal housing

Animal housing room and animal preparation area equipped with a vital constants monitoring system, 2 full sets of anesthesia equipment, water bath, infrared lamp, injection pump, etc.

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U25-E11. Software packages

Software packages for data acquisition and processing:

  • Paravision, Topspin and Amix.
  • Users will have access to the database of spectra of diffe¬rent substances for metabolomics through this ac¬cess http://sermn. uab.cat/wiki/doku.php?id=bbiorefcode. This database is installed in a SeRMN computer, fully accessible to facility users.
  • The AMIX software page (http://www.bruker-biospin.com/amix. html) contains more information about its different applications: analysis of mixtures, metabolomic stu-dies, etc.
  • Other packages include the INTERPRET decision-support system for human brain tumour diagnosis based on MRS and SpectraClassifier, for pattern recognition of in vivo MRS data single and multivoxel are developed and distributed through the platform (http://gabrmn.uab.es).
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U25-E01. Two AVANCE 250 MH z

Two AVANCE 250 MH z (5.8 T) spectrometers, one of them with an autosampler.

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U25-E02. An AVANCE 360 MH z

An AVANCE 360 MH z (8.4 T) spectrometer for the highresolution
analysis of samples in liquid state. Suitable for the structural determination of chemical molecules.

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U25-E03. AVII 400 MH z

AVII 400 MH z (9.4 T) spectrometer – with a narrow bore, equipped with a solid state accessory for working under Cross Polarization Magic-Angle-Spinning (CPMAS) conditions with materials under solid conditions. It has rotors with a variable capacity between 12-40 μl, 4 mm-diameter and a spinning rate up to 15000 Hz.

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U25-E04. AVIII 400 MH z

AVIII 400 MH z (9.4 T) spectrometer – with a narrow bore, equipped with a High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HRMAS) probe for analyzing semi-solid/semiliquid samples such as biopsies, cell extracts or biofluids. It has rotors with a variable capacity between 12-40 μl, 4 mm-diameter and a spinning rate up to 15000 Hz.

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U25-E05. AVANCE 500 MH z

AVANCE 500 MH z (11.7T) spectrometer with a 5 mm TCI cryoprobe with a high sensitivity increase (4X). It is connected to a high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS) and Diode Array (DAD) detectors. It has the possibility of using solid-phase extraction (SPE). It is unique for metabolomic studies and analysis of samples with limited mass and for the characterization of complex samples with compounds at a low concentration (μg), for biomedical and pharmacological applications, and analysis of natural products

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U25-E06. AVIII 600 MH z

AVIII 600 MH z (14T) spectrometer for high-resolution spectroscopy studies. It is equipped with a Triple Broad Band Inverse (TBI) detection-type probe which makes it suitable for proteomic and metabolomic studies, allowing the analysis of complex mixtures of very different origins (urine, plasma, serum, extracts, biopsies, etc).

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U25-E07. BioSpec 70/30 300 MH z

BioSpec 70/30 300 MH z (7T) spectrometer, suitable for in vivo applications, both spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging and microimaging applications. It is sui table for working with small animals, especially rats and mice, although in vitro analyses can also be carried out.

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