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U16. Surface Characterization and Calorimetry Unit – Equipment

U16. Surface Characterization and Calorimetry Unit – Equipment

U16-E07. Equipment for microbiology tests on materials. OUTSTANDING

Description: It is the set of precise elements to carry out microbiological tests with materials. Includes laminar flow adhesion chambers, Robbin devices, shaker and drip bioreactors, fluorescence microscopes, plate readers, ovens, autoclaves, etc.

Technical specifications: Allows quantifications on different types of systems. Depending on the specific conditions, it is possible to evaluate behavior in extensive solid materials or in suspension.

Applications: The services that can be provided with this equipment are:
Evaluation of the adhesion capacities and formation of biolayers of microorganisms on materials. Evaluation of bactericidal and/or bacteriostatic responses of materials.

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U16-E06. 3D Optical Surface Metrology System Leica DCM8 -Optical Profilometer- OUTSTANDING

FICTS-1420-14-09 3. Optical profilometer

3D Optical Surface Metrology System Leica DCM8

This equipment allows measuring the roughness of a multitude of samples by means of a non-destructive optical method. Based on the operation of a confocal microscope, it allows the creation of high-resolution 3D images in a fast and automatic way as well as obtaining color images thanks to the use of three LEDs: Red, Green and Blue. In addition, this system also works as an interferometer that allows to measure the roughness with greater precision of mirror polished samples.

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FICTS-1420-14-09 4. Goniometer


The system measures the contact angle between a liquid and a solid. Offers the possibility of measuring static, advancing and receding contact angle, as well as contact angle hysteresis by a tilting table. Also, measurement of surface tension and liquid-liquid interfacial tension using the Pendant Drop method can be obtained. Thanks to tempering and humidity chambers, this equipment can realistically reproduce individual process conditions, by making measurements under controlled humidity and temperature from 5 to 90 °C.

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U16-E04. ToF-SIMS 5 Time-of-flight secondary-ion mass spectrometry system (ION TOF )

ToF-SIMS 5 Time-of-flight secondary-ion mass spectrometry system (ION TOF ).

•• Sensitivity < 100 ppm.
•• Lateral resolution ~ 100 nm (extension of surface area analyzed).
•• Depth resolution ~ 1 nm (thickness of surface analyzed).
•• Identification of molecules up to 10000 amu.

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U16-E03. K-Alpha X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) system (Thermo)

K-Alpha X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) system (Thermo):

•• Lateral resolution ~ 30-400 μm (extension of surface area analyzed).
•• Depth resolution ~ 10 nm (thickness of surface analyzed).
•• Depth profiles.

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U16-E02. UVISEL ellipsometer (Horiba JovinYvon)

UVISEL ellipsometer (Horiba JovinYvon), range 190-2100 nm, based on phase modulation with cell for liquid media:

•• Measurement of thicknesses from 0.1 nm to 30 μm.
•• Measurement of thickness of various superimposed layers.
•• Simultaneous measurement of the proportion of various different materials present on a surface.
•• Estimation of the porosity as percentage of pores vs. deposited material.
•• Measurement of roughness of coating between 2.5 and 15 nm.

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U16-E01. TAM III isothermal nanocalorimeter system. (TA Instruments)

TAM III isothermal nanocalorimeter system including options for titration and perfusion. Also solution quasi-adiabatic calorimetry is available. (TA Instruments). Thermostatic bath: •• Working temperatures between 15 and 150 ºC •• Temperature scan < 2 ºC/h •• Stability: /- 10 μK on short timescales and /- 100 μK drift over 24 hours Calorimetric response: •• Precision better than 100 nW •• Reproducibility better than 1% •• Stability: < 10 nW on short timescales and < 40 nW drift over 24 hours Solution: •• Maximum temperature 80ºC •• Quasi-adiabatic mode of operation

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