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Preclinical validation bioimaging - Equipment

Preclinical validation bioimaging

U25-E09. Hypersense sample polarizer

Hypersense sample polarizer, to increase the sensitivity in in vitro and in vivo applications of the AV600 and BioSpec spectrometers. This method not only facilitates the detection of the hyperpolarized substrate in vivo, but also the rapid imaging of cellular metabolism

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U24-E01. Fluoroscopy

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory: radiofrecuency ablation system and multicanal poligraph.
  • Fluoroscopy: BV PULSERA Philips Medical Systems
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U24-E02. Digital subtraction angiography system

  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) (PHILIPS BV- Pulsera Philips Medical System, Netherlands).
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography with flat panel detector (DSA) (PHILIPS Veradius Unity
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U24-E03. Ultrasound scanner

  • Ultrasound scanner (Panther Ultrasound Scanner Type 2002, B&K MEDICAL, Inc. DENMARK.
  • Ultrasound scanner (HDI5000. Philips Medical Systems, Netherlands).
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U24-E04. Computed Tomography (CT) scanner

Computed Tomography (CT), Philips BRILLIANCE CT-6. The CT system includes 24 solid-state detectors that enable the acquisition of 6 simultaneous slices per 360º rotation, with a minimal slice thickness (0.6 mm) at an imaging time of 0.75 seconds per 360º for a full body scan.

These features make a high working speed possible with excellent image quality. The images can be processed in either basic or advanced mode from a workstation with the following software: Angio-CT, CINE mode, dynamic focal point reconstruction, multiplanar reconstruction (linear, curvilinear, etc), 3D multi tissue reconstruction (MIP, VR…), small volumes 3D analysis, and measurement tools for quantification (Q-CTA).

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U24-E05. 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Philips- INTERA 1.5T. The MRI equipment (Philips Intera 1.5T) enables the acquisition –using non-invasive techniques- of high definition images of any body organ at different planes, focusing on large animals as experimental models.

The availability of high precision images during research activities enables the researcher to choose correct clinical treatment. This equipment is also used in the follow up of some R&D + innovation lines; during the post operative period of experimental subjects, i.e. in activities such as cellular therapy to measure the therapeutic effect or to evaluate implanted biomaterials.

Thus, this MRI system provides a reliable diagnosis and follow up of certain diseases, allowing the evaluation of state-of-the-art health technologies and their benefits and helping to establish their clinical indications.

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U21-E01. Experimental operating rooms for small and large animal

Experimental operating rooms for small and large animal (inhalation anesthesia workstation, infusion pumps, electrocoagulation systems, laparoscopic surgery systems, endoscopic surgery, microsurgery, interventional and endoluminal surgery, orthopedics, etc.)

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U21-E02. Rooms for preparation and preanesthesia

Rooms for preparation and preanesthesia

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U21-E03. Sterelization rooms for medical instruments and tools

Sterelization rooms for medical instruments and tools

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U21-E04. Integrated operating room

(Karl Storz OR1, Karl Storz Spies) with possibility of integrating endoscopy images, cameras, documents, communications, etc., Allowing data transfer, videoconferences from a touch screen or voice.
Single-pole and two-pole electrosurgical generators (Force Triad Valleylab, Karl Storz AUTOCON® II 200, Erbe ICC 300, Erbe VIO 310, Erbe ICC 200, Ultracision Harmonic scalpel, Ligasure Valleylab, Sonicision)

Laparoscopic surgery equipments: nineteen high definition laparoscopic towers (Karl Storz-Endoskope) equipped with monitors, cold light source, insuflator (Thermoflator), susction and irrigation system (Endomat) and optics with different calibers and view angles. In addition, four of them have incorporated a Visualization Enhancement Tools system (Karl Storz Image 1 SpiesTM) for fluorescence-based procedures in order to visualize what is hidden from view under conventional white lightand and another two possessed. The KARL STORZ 3D system which offers the surgeon excellent depth of field combined with outstanding hand-eye coordination.

Endoscopic equipment: Digestive video-endoscope system (Serie 200 Fujinon®) Double Balloon Enteroscopy system (Fujinon® Series 200), Video colonoscopic systems (Olympus® ViseraOlympus® Visera), Video bronchoscopic system (Serie 200 Fujinon®Fujinon® Series 200), Semi-rigid ureteroscopy system (Wolf® 9 Fr.Wolf® 9 Fr), Flexible ureteropieloscopy system (Wolf® 9 Fr.Wolf® 9 Fr). Semi-rigid ureteroscopy system (Storz® 9.5 Fr., 43 cm long). Semi-rigid ureteroscopy system (Storz® 7 Fr, 43 cm long)

Surgical microscopes Zeiss Opmi Pico (13 units), Zeiss Opmi Movena and Zeiss Opmi Pentero 800 (with fluorescence module).

Ophthalmology equipment: corneal topographer (CSO Eye Top 2005 V.1.0), slit lamp (SL-D4 TopCon) and phacoemulsification system (Sovereign White Star AMO-ABBOTT 2 units and Sovereign Compact White Star AMO-ABBOTT 1 unit), Tonometer (TonoVet ICare), Non-contact lens system vitrectomy SDI 4b (5 units), Optical coherence tomography (OCT) (SLO Optos)

Odontology equipment: Ultrasonic generator for treatment of dental plaque (Newtron P5, Acteon),

Vascular Surgery: Laser Doppler Imager and Transit Time Ultrasound Flowmeter

Anesthesia equipment: 13 high performance anesthesia Workstation (Maquet Flow-i, Dameca Siesta i Whispa, Dameca MRi 508, Heinen+Lowenstein Mod. Leon, Heinen+Lowenstein Mod. Leon Plus, Ohmeda Excel 210 SE, Ohmeda Excel 110 SE, Temel Supra CM, Datex Ohmeda S/5TM); Anesthesia machine for rodents (Surgivet); Transport ventilator (Transpac 200D);

13 isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane vaporizer (Maquet, Dameca Sigma Delta, Dräger, Abbott laboratories, Datex Ohmeda Tec 6); 14 cardiovascular monitors (Hewlett-Packard, Mindray PM-700, Mindray MEC 1000, Mindray BeneView T5, General Electric Dash 3000, General Electric Dash 4000, Drager Infinity Gamma, Datex Ohmeda S/5TM, Philips MX-450, Philips Expression MR200); 11 capnography systems (Maquet, Drager Vamos, General Electric RAC 2A, Ohmeda Biox 3740, Sentec, Ohmeda Capnomac Ultima, Dameca siesta) and pulse oximeter (Ohmeda Biox 3740); Cardiac output monitoring system (PICCO Plus) and two bispectral electroencephalogram monitor (BIS-A 1050, BIS –XP A 2000), parasympathetic tone activity monitor (MDoloris PTA) and muscle relaxation monitor (Organon TOF Watch); Four infusion pumps (Argus 600S, Braun Perfusor Compact, Imed Gemini PC1, Becton Dickinson); Two desfibrillators (Zoll Mseries, Nihon Kohden Cardiolife)

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