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Preclinical validation characterization - Equipment

Preclinical validation characterization – Equipment

U12-E22. SEM Hitachi TM4000Plus II for morphological and dimensional characterization of solid samples

U12-E22. SEM Hitachi TM4000Plus II for morphological and dimensional characterization of solid samples


Low vacuum Scanning Electron Microscopy with two electron detectors (secondary, SE, and backscattered, BSE). SE imaging provides a detailed information of the morphology of the sample and BSE gives information about the different components of the sample, based on the different atomic number (the higher the atomic number, the brighter the surface).

Appropriate vacuum levels are reached using a turbo molecular pump and electron beams are directed to sample specimens with accelerating voltages between 5 and 20 kV, which allow magnifications from 10x to 100,000x. Specimens with size up to 80 mm diameter and/or 50 mm thickness can be observed.

Conductive and non-conductive samples can be characterized with little or no previous preparation. The software enables image processing of micrographs, for measuring the size of solid particles after the acquisition of images.


Topographical and morphological characterization of tissues, hairs, fibers, etc. Quality control and failure analysis. Morphological properties are quite important in the research of innovative materials. In addition, the characterization of the surface is a key factor in porous materials used for delivery systems. Semiconductor inspection and microchip assembly, to analyse the topography and to investigate the effectiveness of production methods.

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U19-E02. Specific laboratory diagnostic equipment: Hematology, biochemistry, hormones, biomarkers analyzer

Specific laboratory diagnostic equipment: Hematology, biochemistry, hormones, biomarkers analyzer:

  • Automatic coagulometer (CLOT SP de RAL)
  • Biochemical Analysis (VetScan)
  • Solid state thermostatic equipment 37 º C + – 0,1 º C with magnetic stirrer system, 15 reaction cubiletes and a reacive bottle
  • Automatic coagulometer (AUTOCLOT SP de RAL)
  • Clinic auto-analyser (Metrolab 2300 de RAL)
  • Blood cells counter (MEK-6318. NIHON KOHDEN)
  • AQT90 FLEX analyzer (RADIOMETER)
  • Water purification system (Elix 3 de MILLIPORE)
  • Water purification system (Milli-Q Advantage A10 de MILLIPORE)
  • Laboratory freezer (MEDILOW-M SELECTA)
  • Vertical Freezer (SF-126) from -30 ºC to 150 L capacity
  • Digital automatic micropipettes
  • Centrifuge SELECTA (MIXTASEL 7000575)
  • Rotary shaker (NAHITA)
  • Recorder Device leukocyte (Leucoform 83 de CRISON)
  • Binocular microscope (LEICA CM E BA 220/20 W)
  • pH Meter (GLP 21 de CRISON)
  • NPT7 Gasometer analyzer (RADIOMETER)
  • i-STAT® 1 Analyzer (ABBOTT)
  • Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (MINDRAY BC-5300VET)
  • ABL80 FLEX Gasometer Analyzer (RADIOMETER)
  • Urine Analyzer (DIRUI H-100)
  • MAGLUMI, Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Snibe)
  • Ultrafreezer -80ºC (Froilabo)
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U19-E23. Ultrafreezer -80ºC (Froilabo)

Ultrafreezer -80ºC (Froilabo)

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U19-E22. MAGLUMI, Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Snibe)

MAGLUMI, Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Snibe)

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U19-E21. Urine Analyzer (DIRUI H-100)

Urine Analyzer (DIRUI H-100)

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U19-E20. ABL80 FLEX Gasometer Analyzer (RADIOMETER)

ABL80 FLEX Gasometer Analyzer (RADIOMETER)

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U19-E19. Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (MINDRAY BC-5300VET)

Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (MINDRAY BC-5300VET)

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U18-E10. Olympus Microsocpe

Olympus Microsocpe for histological analysis of disease and normal tissues.


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U18-E09. Tissue Arrayer

Tissue Arrayer for processing multiple samples in a single slide for immunohistochemistry staining


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U13-E3. Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM: Atomic Force Microscopy JPK. AFMs can be used to measure the forces between the probe and the sample as a function of their mutual separation. This can be applied to perform force spectroscopy.


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