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Cutting-edge Biomedical Solutions

What are our  “Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solutions”

Integrated solutions to advanced challenges faced by biomedical researchers in nanomedicine, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, diagnostic and medical device, that includes design and production of biomaterials and nanomaterials and their nanoconjugates, and the characterization of these bio-/nanomaterials, tissues and medicals devices from a physic-chemical, functional, toxicological and biological point of view up to preclinical validation.

Complementing the list on the left of  “Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solutions” we offer a “Quallity Control and Regulatory Affair Advisory” Service

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Customized biomolecules production

Customized design and production services of biological molecules for Tissue Engineering, Intelligent Devices, Implants, and specially Therapeutic Nanoconjugates and Biosensors by providing for applications such as:
− Therapeutic agents
− Targeting
− Surfaces functionalization: Tissue engineering/scaffolds & biosensors

Recombinant proteins
Antibodies and Haptens
Custom peptides and post modification
Anti-peptide Antibodies
Protein-only nanomaterial platform for biomedical purposes

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Supply nanomaterials for applications in Nanomedicine: therapy, drug delivery, contrast agents (MRI, fluorescence) & theranostic

Pure active pharmaceutical ingredients with controlled nansotructure

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Nanoconjugates & bioconjugates

Supply nanoconjugates for applications in Nanomedicine: therapy, contrast agents (MRI) & theranostic)

Micro and nanoencapsulation

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Nanomedicines Preclinical validation

Preclinical characterization of nanomedicines including physicochemical properties, in vitro and in vivo biological properties (immunology, toxicology an efficacy with appropriated animal models, at either regulatory (cGLP) or non-regulatory conditions

Complete cascade characterization
Physicochemical characterization
In vitro characterization
In vivo characterization

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In vitro Diagnostic

Development of prototypes and biosensing devices for diagnostic, production of bioreceptor against identified biomarkers an detection of biomarkers for diagnostic, follow-up and prognostic of diseases by NMR spectroscopies in biofluids and tissues.

Development and validation of biosensor
Anti-peptide Antibodies
Quatintifaction of Biomarker by NMR

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In vivo diagnostic

In vivo validation of contrast agents and development of nanoconjugates as contrast agents for MRI and fluorescence.

Contrast Agents for MRI & OTC
Validation of NPs for glioma
Validation of Contrast Agents for MRI
Nanocojugates for fluorescence
Nanocojugates for MRI

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3D bioprinting

Design and production of scaffolds for tissue engineering

Functionalized scaffolds

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Biomaterials preclinical characterization

Preclinical validation of biomaterials including surface and mechanical characterization and in vitro and in vivo biological properties with appropriated animal models, at either regulatory (cGLP) or non-regulatory conditions

Preclinical validation
Surface and mechanical characterization
Adhesion of bateria: biofilms

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Validation of Medical devices

In vivo Validation of medical devices for determined applications in different animal models

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About Us

The Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020, adopted by the Council of Ministers on February 1st, 2013, includes the update of the “National Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Map (ICTS)”  for the period 2013-2016, and actualized for 2016-2020 and 2021-2024. The so-called singular scientific and technical infrastructures (ICTS) are large installations, resources, facilities and services, unique in its kind, that are dedicated to cutting edge and high quality research and technological development, as well as to promote exchange, transmission and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer and innovation. These are facilities of different scientific areas ranging from the life sciences to astrophysics or engineering, distributed throughout the Spanish territory. NANBIOSIS has been recognized by the Spanish Government as one of these 29 UNIQUE existing ICTS, which are OPEN to competitive access to users of the whole research community in the public and private sector.

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