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U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit

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U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit

  • Scientific Director: Prof. Elisabeth Engel elisabeth.engel@upc.edu
  • Scientific Coordinator: Miguel Angel Mateos mamateos@ibecbarcelona.eu
  • Entities: Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies Group & Intitute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)
  • Address: C/BaldiriReixac 15-21, 08028, Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 934 039 735
  • Web: IBEC


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This facility is headed by Dr. Elisabeth Engel, PI of the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies Group at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and counts with a laboratory equipped to produce 3D structures of different materials. This system allows the fabrication of 3D porous scaffolds of defined geometry and porosity for tissue engineering applications. Dispensing and locating cells in specific positions on defined substrates is also possible due to the high precision levels of this tool.




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Active projects

TitleFundin: OrganismCall: Funding source Role
SAF2017-90810-REDIStrategic Promotion and coordinated management of Nanbiosis: Pronanbiosis IIAgencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI)Acciones de dinamización «REDES DE EXCELENCIA» -ICTS 2017Coordinator

Others projects

RefTitleFunding OrganismUnit Role
MAT2015-68906-RDevelopment of polymer particles to generate extracellular matrices in vitroMINECOOthers
BES-2015-071997Aid for predoctoral contracts for the training of doctors 2015_ Jesús OrdoñoFernándezMINECOOthers
MAT2015-62725-ERCInstructional Biomaterials for In Vivo Cardiac RegenerationMINECOOthers

News U5

26 Sep

Nanoparticles in 3D printed bone prostheses that favor regeneration

The research group of Biomaterials for regenerative therapies of CIBER-BBN and IBEC, coordinator of Unit 5 of NANBIOSIS, Rapid Prototyping Unit, led by Elisabeth Engel, expert on nanoparticles and biomaterials, together with the company Avinent, expert in 3D printing, will develop new personalized solutions to improve treatments for bone diseases or injury. So far, they have tested some bioactive nanoparticles based on calcium on the membrane of a chicken embryo and found that blood vessels formed in it and that the cartilage ossified forming a mature bone. The tests were carried out in mice and the result was also positive. The creators[...]

10 Jul

Biomaterials as signal-releasing platforms

Scientists of the CIBER-BBN and IBEC reserch group Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies, led by Miguel Angel Mateos-Timoneda and Elisabeth Engel who run NANBIOSIS U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit,  have  published a review of the state-of-the-art in biomaterials for skin healing that proposes a move towards more personalized, in situ therapies. Skin wound healing repairs and restore tissue through a complex process that involves different cells and signalling molecules that regulate cellular response and the remodelling of the extracellular matrix. Publishing in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, the article begins by summarizing recent advances in therapies for healing that combine biomolecule signals such as growth factors and cytokines wit[...]

19 Jun

Institutional impulse to accelerate 3D printing projects

Elisabeth Engel,  Scientific Director of Unit 5 of NANBIOSIS, U5. Rapid Prototyping Unit, will led the research project, QuirofAM, to produce biodegradable and bioactive scaffolds printed in 3D as osteochondral and maxillofacial substitutes. This is one of the projects to be promoted by LLAVOR 3D Community, an association of Catalan entities, created last month, which includes the IBEC (housing units 5 and 7 of NANBIOSIS). LLAVOR 3D Community aims to accelerate the development and adoption of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies by the industry. Within the projects of the LLAVOR 3D Community, new software tools, new materials, more efficient and versatile production[...]

06 Jun

A dressing with active ingredients to regenerate skin wounds

Elisabeth Engel, Scientific Director of NANBIOSIS U5, Rapid Prototyping Unit, is interviewed in “Deuwatts”, a programe of  Btv, devoted to biomedical engineering. Dr. Engel explains how  they have designed a dressing with active substances to regenerate skin wounds and talks about bio-printing for therapeutic models. Watch it here. &nbs[...]

23 Feb

NANBIOSIS ICTS invites groups and companies to discuss Smart Biomaterials and devices for Drug Delivery

On February 22nd, the National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute hosted the forum on Smart Biomaterials and biomedical devices for applications in drug delivery and regenerative medicine, organized by the ICTS Nanbiosis, an infrastructure shared by the CIBER-BBN and the Center of Minimally Invasive Surgery Jesus Usón (CCMIJU). This is the first groups/companies meeting organized by Nanbiosis, in which about 70 B2B meetings  were held. The meeting brought together about 40 participants from 14 research groups (from the CIBER-BBN and the CCMIJU) and 10 companies, which discussed the latest advances in the research lines developed by the groups[...]

28 Feb

3D printing biocompatible hydrogels

  Researchers of Unit 5 of NANBIOSIS, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Montpellier, have laid the groundwork for faster advances in 3D printing for regenerative medicine by creating a system of ink and matrices that offers a solid basis for tissue regeneration. Due to their high water content, hydrogels are highly attractive biomaterials for 3D printing as efficient ‘surrogates’ for the extracellular matrix, onto which cells can be cultured. However, while they are relatively easy to produce using a method called extrusion printing, their stability and structural integrity can weaken when they’re in contact with biological fluids[...]

21 Dec

EIT Health Spain awards the best innovation and entrepreneurship projects
EIT Health Spain awards the best innovation and entrepreneurship projects

Elisabeth Engel, Scientific Director of Unit 5 of NANBIOSIS, has received an award at EIT Health Spain event held this month at the PCB, Barcelona.  The awards have been organized by the Spanish node during 2016 and are part of the financing initiatives of the EIT Health accelerator. Professor Engel participated in the category of ‘Proof of Concept (PoC)” that recognises projects and business ideas that are in stages prior to the creation of the company and projects that are participating in acceleration programs in health. Elisabeth won a prize funded with 25.000 € for Dermoglass, the smart dressing for[...]

13 Sep

Elisabeth Engel stimulating scientific talent in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge
Elisabeth Engel stimulating scientific talent in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC)

Dr. Engel, Scentific Director of Unit 5 of NANBIOSIS, participated in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC) held in Barcelona from July 11th to 22nd 2016. Ms. Elisabeth gave the lecture “Biomaterials beyond a simple template”, introducing the students to the breakthrough in the medical and social  field of obtaining a synthetic biomaterial that eludes the need of cell therapy or the application of morphogens and growth factors. The research group led by Elisabeth Engel hosted one of the projects of this programme: “Instructive Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine” dealing with replacement or regeneration of human cells, tissues or organs,[...]

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