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NANBIOSIS at the CIBER-BBN X Annual Conference and 1st meeting of the NANBIOSIS SAB

The X Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN, held in Sevilla last 28 and 29 of November, dedicated a Session to NANBIOSIS on Monday afternoon, to which attended national and international representatives of industry and academia users of NANBIOSIS, representatives of EATRIS and members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of NANBIOSIS, as well as the CIBER-BBN and the CCMIJU researchers.

Jaume Veciana, Scientific of NANBIOSIS and Ángela Fernández Curto, Assistant Deputy Director General for Planning of Scientific and Technological Infrastructures of Spanish Goverment presented the Unique Technical Scientific Infrastructure (ICTS) of CIBER-BBN and JUMISC for the production and characterization of biomaterials, nanomaterials and devices until their preclinical validation. Among the biomedical applications that frame the activity of NANBIOSIS are diagnostic, regenerative medicine and drug administration, as well as its next Cascade Characterization Service for the preclinical evaluation of nanomedicines.

The project “PRONANBIOSIS” funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with a “Network of Excellence” to consolidate the unified management model of NANBIOSIS, to boost its internationalization and strategic positioning as well as to promote a complete nanomaterials characterization cascade service, was also presented and some of the” success stories “of the ICTS where explained.

Since its launch in July 2015, NANBIOSIS has received more than 250 access requests, with an average participation of about 50 competitive projects per year and annual revenues for its services of between 1 and 2 million euros. Among its users, there are more than 100 companies, especially pharmaceutical laboratories, and more than 300 research groups. In addition, its 27 units are involved in several national and European projects, such as BERENICE (nanoformulation of the active to combat Chagas disease), DRIVE (development of a device with pancreatic cells for diabetes treatment) and several public- Former INNPACTO (PHYTEC -Development of bioactive coated medical products for bone regeneration- and VITILIGO -Development of a new advanced therapy drug for the treatment of Vitiligo-), several projects Challenges Collaboration, or the Network of Excellence Pronanbiosis for the promotion and Consolidation of the ICTS, among others.

At the Conference, the NANBIOSIS Scientific Advisory Committee convened to discuss the key actions of its next Strategic Plan, such as the new Cascade Characterization Service for the preclinical evaluation of nanomedicines.

NANBIOSIS at the CIBER-BBN X Annual Conference and 1st meeting of the NANBIOSIS SAB
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X Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN

The next days 28 and 29 of November the X Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN will be held in Seville.

Within this Conference, 3 thematic forums have been organized for clinical translation, where doctors will present the current challenges of diagnosis and treatment in certain diseases and a debate will open between doctors and
researchers to develop research lines and projects aimed at solving those needs.

Taking advantage of the presence of clinical professionals, NANBIOSIS has organized a session dedicated to presenting itself as “Unique technological scientific infrastructure” (ICTS in Spanish) as well as the nodes that are
part of it. Some cases of success and results will be also presented in order to ´make known the services and advantages offered by NANBIOSIS and facilitate the translation of the research developed in the ICTS.

This session will be attended by Ángela Fernández Curto, Assistant Deputy Director General for Planning of Scientific and Technological Infrastructures MINECO who will explain what is and “ICTS”, Jaume Veciana and Jesús Izco, Scientific Director and Coordinator of NANBIOSIS respectively who shall give some general explanations about NANBIOSIS and what has been done in this year of progress since its recognition as ICTS by MINECO,

Finally, The broader part of the session will be led by the following Coordinators or Scientific Directors of the NANBIOSIS Platforms, who will make a brief presentation of each and will present some cases of success:

Also at the Conference, the NANBIOSIS Scientific Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the key actions of its next Strategic Plan, such as the new Cascade Characterization Service for the preclinical evaluation of nanomedicines.

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Nanbiosis new ICTS incorporation

The new map of Scientific and Technological Infrastructures (ICTS), was updated by the Council for Science Policy, Technology and Innovation last 7th of October, 2014, which  incorporated The Integrated Infrastructure on Production and Characterization of Nanomaterials, Biomaterials and Systems in Biomedicine (NANBIOSIS) . The new ICTS is integrated by the CIBER-BBN and the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery Jesus Uson (JUMISC).

Pablo Laguna, scientific director of the CIBER-BBN noted that “this recognition is the result of efforts of both institutions to try to provide research services of high quality and added value, usually high-cost equipment, which is available to the scientific community, giving them greater and better use and avoiding costly and not always necessary redundancies. Furthermore, the fact that these infrastructures are coordinated by experts in their subjects, makes the scope of these infrastructures to exceed the national territory to become an actor at international level “.

The research infrastructure is aimed at medical applications and tries to provide a complete service and easy access through a “single contact point”, which includes the design, production of biomaterials and nanomaterials characterization of these materials, tissues , medical and systems from a physical, chemical, functional, toxicological and biological point of view including preclinical validation.

NANBIOSIS’ Units are located in Zaragoza, Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Caceres, Madrid, Valencia and Álava. Provides personnel and cross-cutting equipment in all the units in which infrastructure is organized, with dedication to service to the entire scientific community.

The new Spanish map of ICTS has 29 infrastructures and has been updated taking into account criteria of highest scientific quality, technology and innovation, subjecting candidates to a rigorous process of independent evaluation.n (check ICTS map)

The so-called singular scientific and technical infrastructures (ICTS) are large installations, resources, facilities and services, unique in its kind, that are dedicated to cutting edge and high quality research and technological development, as well as to promote exchange, transmission and preservation of knowledge, technology transfer and innovation. Its main objective is provision to national and international scientific, technological and industrial community of essential scientific and technical infrastructure for the development of a scientific and technological research unique or exceptional in its genre, with a very high cost of investment and maintenance and whose importance and strategic nature justifies their availability for the whole R + D + i collective. Therefore, the ICTS are infrastructures of PUBLIC  ownership, are UNIQUE and OPEN to competitive access to users of the whole research community in the public and private sector..

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