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U25-E01. Two AVANCE 250 MH z

Two AVANCE 250 MH z (5.8 T) spectrometers, one of them with an autosampler.

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U25-E02. An AVANCE 360 MH z

An AVANCE 360 MH z (8.4 T) spectrometer for the highresolution
analysis of samples in liquid state. Suitable for the structural determination of chemical molecules.

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U25-E03. AVII 400 MH z

AVII 400 MH z (9.4 T) spectrometer – with a narrow bore, equipped with a solid state accessory for working under Cross Polarization Magic-Angle-Spinning (CPMAS) conditions with materials under solid conditions. It has rotors with a variable capacity between 12-40 μl, 4 mm-diameter and a spinning rate up to 15000 Hz.

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U25-E04. AVIII 400 MH z

AVIII 400 MH z (9.4 T) spectrometer – with a narrow bore, equipped with a High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HRMAS) probe for analyzing semi-solid/semiliquid samples such as biopsies, cell extracts or biofluids. It has rotors with a variable capacity between 12-40 μl, 4 mm-diameter and a spinning rate up to 15000 Hz.

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U25-E05. AVANCE 500 MH z

AVANCE 500 MH z (11.7T) spectrometer with a 5 mm TCI cryoprobe with a high sensitivity increase (4X). It is connected to a high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS) and Diode Array (DAD) detectors. It has the possibility of using solid-phase extraction (SPE). It is unique for metabolomic studies and analysis of samples with limited mass and for the characterization of complex samples with compounds at a low concentration (μg), for biomedical and pharmacological applications, and analysis of natural products

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U25-E06. AVIII 600 MH z

AVIII 600 MH z (14T) spectrometer for high-resolution spectroscopy studies. It is equipped with a Triple Broad Band Inverse (TBI) detection-type probe which makes it suitable for proteomic and metabolomic studies, allowing the analysis of complex mixtures of very different origins (urine, plasma, serum, extracts, biopsies, etc).

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U25-E07. BioSpec 70/30 300 MH z

BioSpec 70/30 300 MH z (7T) spectrometer, suitable for in vivo applications, both spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging and microimaging applications. It is sui table for working with small animals, especially rats and mice, although in vitro analyses can also be carried out.

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U25-E08. Focused Microwave Fixation System

Focused Microwave Fixation System, to carry out the immediate sacrifice of small animals (rats, mice), preventing changes occurring in the metabolic pattern of the tissue due to post-mortem metabolism.

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U25-E09. Hypersense sample polarizer

Hypersense sample polarizer, to increase the sensitivity in in vitro and in vivo applications of the AV600 and BioSpec spectrometers. This method not only facilitates the detection of the hyperpolarized substrate in vivo, but also the rapid imaging of cellular metabolism

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U24-S02. Medical Imaging for Minimally Invasive Surgery (Onsite&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Medical Imaging for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Advancements in medical technologies have enabled the development and regular use of minimally invasive procedures, which could also be termed image-guided surgery. A platform that can integrate the different imaging techniques is pivotal to aid their development.
NANBIOSIS Unit 24 has medical grade imaging (i.e. Cardiac Magnetic Resonance including delayed enhancement, high performance ultrasound systems, flat panel fluoroscopes, intravascular optical coherence tomography) integrated in a surgical environment, so that these technologies are available for comprehensive follow up of interventions or new surgical approaches. Generally, image acquisition is performed at baseline and serially during the predetermined duration of the study in order to assess the effectiveness of these surgeries on measurable endpoints to document improvement.

Customer benefits

The studies are tailored to the needs of each specific candidate intervention, can be implemented with different follow-up times and can be performed under regulatory requirements, since the performing institution is Certified for Good Laboratory Practices.
Thus the Service can be provided as proof-of-concept studies, full safety and efficacy or under GLPs to meet regulatory agencies’ guidelines and assure clinical translation, so that the customers can take their therapy to a clinical trial faster and more efficiently, thanks to the full range of capabilities offered in this service.

Target customer

The offered service can be of interest to scientists from academia willing to test a possible surgery and perform serial follow up of its outcomes, early-stage medical professionals requiring training in minimally invasive surgery, late-stage surgeons that need to test an idea for an improved surgical approach, commercial companies that need to test the implantation of a device and its effect under GLP studies to commercialize their product.


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