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U29. Oligonucleotide Synthesis Platform (OSP) - Services

U29-S02. Modification of oligonucleotides. (Remote) OUTSTANDING

Modification of oligonucleotides during and post synthesis to meet user requirements:

  • Conjugation of oligonucleotides with fluorophores (fluoresceine, Cy3, Ct5, etc..) and other types of small molecules such as biotine, lipids.
  • Conjugation to peptides.
  • Phosphorothioate linkages
  • Modified backbones such as locked nucleic acids (LNA), 2’-O-alkyl-RNA, etc..
  • Modified nucleobases: 2-aminopurine, 5-methyl-dC, etc…
  • 5’, 3’-modifications such as 5’-, 3’-amino, 5’-, 3’-thiol, etc..

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U29-S01. Synthesis of oligonucleotides and characterization (On-site & Remote). OUTSTANDING

Synthesis of oligonucleotides at various different scales (100 microg to 5 mg) and purification using HPLC and/or desalting.

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