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U24. Medical imaging


U24. Medical imaging

  • Scientific Director: Dr. Verónica Crisóstomo Ayala crisosto@ccmijesususon.com
  • Entities: Jesus Uson Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC)
  • Address: Carretera N-521, km 41, 10071 Cáceres
  • Phone: 34 927 181 032
  • Web: JUMISC

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The range of medical imaging capabilities available within this Unit allow for large animal diagnostic imaging, with the possibility to integrate all the information on body organs,systems, specific diseases or animal models, etc., that can be obtained with different imaging systems,such as clinical grade Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ultrasonography CT and fluoroscopy. This Unit is highly focused on cardiovascular diseases imaging and therapy, offering a comprehensive cardiac minimally invasive service ranging from disease modeling to therapy evaluation. Regulatory requirements prior to introducing a new medical diagnostic or therapeutic technology in clinical practice determine a mandatory preclinical validation in animal models; an scenario for which this Unit is especially suited.

Active projects

Title Fundin: Organism Call: Funding source Role
SAF2017-90810-REDI Strategic Promotion and coordinated management of Nanbiosis: Pronanbiosis II Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI) Acciones de dinamización «REDES DE EXCELENCIA» -ICTS 2017 Partner
PICCOLO-732111 Multimodal highly-sensitive PhotonICs endoscope for improve in vivo COLOn Cancer diagnosis and clinical decision support European Commission-H2020 H2020-ICT-2016-1 Partner
0624_2IQBIONEURO_6_E Promotion of an R&I network in biological chemistry for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases European Union Interreg : European Territorial Co-operation POCTEP Interreg España-Portugal Partner

U24-Medical imaging
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