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Last week, representatives of NANBIOSIS and OmicsTech met at the IQAC-CSIC facilities in Barcelona to exchange common research lines, points of view of their complementarity and collaboration possibilities of the facilities, both recognized as Unique Scientific Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) by the Spanish Government.

The Infrastructure for Omics Technologies OmicsTech ICTS is a distributed infrastructure that offers researchers the possibility of using globally competitive singular facilities exclusively dedicated to work with omics technologies, with a spectrum of biomolecular analysis tools for holistic capture of biological processes, to support research, technological development, and innovation activities. Advances in genomics, proteomics and metabolomics technologies have opened new avenues towards understanding molecular disease mechanisms and the behavior of cells, tissues, organs and, eventually, whole organisms. OmicsTech is formed by the Center of Omic Sciences (COS-URV-EURECAT), Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) and the Proteomics Platform-CRG (PP-CRG-UPF).

The Infrastructure for the Production and Characterization of Nanomaterials, Biomaterials and Systems in Biomedicine NANBIOSIS ICTS is a distributed infrastructure for biomedical research with outsourcing equipment and expertise of excellence to design and produce biomaterials, nanomaterials and their nanoconjugates as well as their characterization from a physic-chemical, functional, toxicological and biological (preclinical validation) point of view, focused on biomedical applications such as: IVDs, medical devices, biosensors, regenerative medicine, drug delivery systems, therapeutic agents or MRI contrast agents. NANBIOSIS provides more than 700 accesses per year and services to 100 companies.

Due to this complementarity, both ICTS facilities have explored collaborations possibilities and a list of initiatives were discussed. This new collaboration will start with a session of OmicsTech in the Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN that will take place next October 21-22 in Tarragona. Meanwhile, both ICTS will work together stablishing synergies between different services that both institutions provide increasing the scope of the biomedical solutions given to the health sector. Collaboration between groups of the CIBER-BBN and groups related to OmicsTech will additionally facilitate the synergies between the two ICTS facilities.

For further information:

www.nanbiosis.es; www.omicstech.org

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