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A fantastic reunion of the CIBER-BBN and the NANBIOSIS research community.

The CIBER-BBN and the NANBIOSIS research community has met again, after two virtual editions, to celebrate the Sixteenth Annual Conference of CIBER-BBN. It has been a fantastic a face-to-face reunion during the days 7th-8th November 2022, in A Coruña, Spain.

This edition has included sicientific sessions in mental health and in diabetes and metabolic diseases, presentations of internal collaborative projects, two plenary talks given by acknowledged experts in the fields of CAR-T therapies and gene therapies and an invitation to CIBERSAM and CIBERDEM scientific areas, as well as the new “Technological Development Platform of CIBER” to improve translational programs

As usually in the program of this Conference, a session was dedicated to NANBIOSIS ICTS, in this ocasion including a especial talk of presentation of the new Unit of Proteomics, U30 of NANBIOSIS at INIBIC, in A Coruña, led by Prof. Cristina Ruiz.

It was also presented the new “Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solution“:  “Quallity Control and Regulatory Affair Advisory” Service, recently created to complement the NANBIOSIS offer of Cutting -Edge integrated solucions to advanced challenges in the biomedical research.

The Scientific Director of NANBIOSIS, Jaume Veciana, also explained some novelties regarding the accesess to the ICTS in open and competitive way. From 2022, two calls will be open (in january and june) in order to select and prioritize the applications for access to NANBIOSIS ICTS services in base of excelence and uniqueness.

It also took place the annual meetting of the NANBIOSIS Scientific Advisory Committee to deliberate the key actions of the ICTS.

The Conference was cellebrated at the Congress and Exhibition Centre of A Coruña, PALEXCO, Both, the event and the venue, facilitated an informal atmosphere with vivid scientific ideas discussions and conversations.

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