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“Tips and tricks to achieve good results at the bench”

The IBEC Core Facilities team, coordinating NANBIOSIS U7 Nanotechnology Unit has celebrated the 6th edition of the Workshop “Tips and tricks to achieve good results at the bench”.

This workshop is focused on fundamental basic aspects of working in a Chemistry/Biology laboratory: process of performing an experiment, from previous planning until the moment of leaving the bench.

The workshop was divided in two parts:

  • Introduction and overview to the Good Laboratory  Practices.
  • Highly interactive and practical daily lab situations with real equipment.

Upon completion of this workshop participants are able to understand the basics of good laboratory practices, plan an experiment taking into account all the steps necessary to perform it, use several basic equipment (scale, centrifuge, pHmeter, biosafety cabinet/sterile technique, handing liquids) and classify several types of hazardous waste.

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