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NANBIOSIS experience in the MOBIEU action

Last September 28, Jesús Izco, NANBIOSIS Coordinator, was invited to share his experience coordinating NANBIOSIS and networking platform as well as managing transnational/transregional access (TNA) to NANBIOSIS. The presentation took place at the Pasteur Institute in Paris coinciding with the meeting of the members of the MOBIEU Cost Action, more specifically of the participants in the WG5: Transnational access to instrumentation and expertise

The MOBIEU Cost Action CA15126 (Between Atom and Cell: Integrating Molecular Biophysics Approaches for Biology and Healthcare) aims to seed a large-scale pan-European interdisciplinary synergistic clustering, allowing to ally and synergize the power of spectroscopic, hydrodynamic, real-time microfluidic, thermodynamic and single-molecule approaches.

MOBIEU intends to build a new distributed molecular-scale biophysics European infrastructure to facilitate the transnational access to instrumentation and expertise for a wide user community, as well as provide a platform for scientists to establish early contacts with instrument developers (at the level of concept or prototype), allowing to set-up win-win partnerships that will allow to define and develop together future instrumentation that genuinely meets the needs of the broad biomedical and life sciences communities

NANBIOSIS experience in the MOBIEU action
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