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U2-E13. AGILENT LC/MSD iQ Selective Mass Detector

Equipment funded by European Union (NextGeneratioEU) -Plan de Transfomación y Resilencia



AGILENT LC/MSD iQ Selective Mass Detector

AGILENT LC/MSD iQ Selective Mass Detector acquired for Unit 2 in NANBIOSIS through Next Generation Funding.

Description: The Agilent LC/MSD iQ selective mass detector is a single quadrupole mass detector designed for use with HPLC.

Technical Specifications: The MS detector is based on single quadrupole technology and utilizes electrospray ionization as its ionization source. It allows for a mass detection range of 2 to 1450 m/z. Due to the ionization source, it enables simultaneous determination of positive and negative ions, with an accuracy of ±0.13 Da on the total compound mass. It is fully compatible with existing HPLC systems (Agilent InfinityLab LC) and comes with a software that is also compatible with the equipment (OpenLab CDS software).

The range of masses to be monitored is tailored to the typical molecular weights in the synthesis of bioactive molecules for antibody production (referred to as haptens). Given the diversity of compounds to be analyzed and their different chemical nature, it is useful to be able to acquire both positive and negative compounds. The electrospray ionization source is considered universal for detecting a wide spectrum of molecules, including peptides, aromatic compounds, and those with a broad range of polarities.

Applications: The LC/MSD iQ provides essential mass detection to confirm compounds and offers more specificity and selectivity than a UV detector, even for compounds that are not chromatographically resolved.

Additionally, it allows for monitoring and optimizing organic synthesis procedures with defined workflows, and confirming the quality of the products obtained.