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U20-E05. DLS for nanoparticle characterization service


NANBIOSIS I13: Nanoparticle characterization service: DLS measurement system.

NANBIOSIS I14: Upgrade of DLS equipment to Z potential measurements.


DLS for nanoparticle characterization service

The fine characterization of the size and size distribution of nanoparticles is essential for the right understanding of their in vivo behavior. The incorporation of this service to the U20 allows a good quality control of compounds and nanoparticles administered in vivo, as well as the study of their stability upon storage.

Technical description:

The ZetaSizer Nano S (ZEN1600, Malvern Instruments Ltd, UK), it is used for the measurement of protein size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of colloids and nanoparticles, and optionally the measurement of protein mobility and microrheology of protein and polymer solutions. The high performance of the Zetasizer Nano ZS also enables the measurement of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient, A2, of macromolecules and kD, the DLS interaction parameter.


Dynamic Light Scattering, scattering angle (detection): 173° (back scattering, NIBS®-Technology)

Electrophoretic Light Scattering

Static Light Scattering


He-Ne-laser 4 mW,  632.8 nm, movable lens, attenuator applicable for particles in dispersion

Determination of:           

  • particle size (z average) and polydispersity index from cumulate analysis
  • particle size distribution (intensity, volume, number) from NNLS in an expanded concentration range
  • Z-potential