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U20-E09. Lumino agregometer

AGGREGOMETER  (CHRONO-LOG® Model 700 Whole Blood/Optical Lumi-Aggregometers)

This equipment allows the simultaneous measurement of aggregation and ATP secretion in the same plasma sample, providing a quantitative determination of second wave aggregation. This allows simplifing the diagnosis of storage pool defects and as well as determining the effects of drugs or nanoparticles in the platelet aggreagation process.

Platelets are small (~2 μm) anuclear cells obtained by fragmentation of megakaryocytes. Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, play a key role in hemostasis. Abnormal platelet counts and function may lead to either bleeding or thrombosis. Assessing nanoparticle effects on human platelets in vitro allows for quick screening of their potential anticoagulant or thrombogenic properties mediated by direct effects on platelets.

The incorporation of this equipment have allowed the implementation of the Analysis of Platelet Aggregation by Light Transmission Aggregometry, following standardized protocols by NCI-NCL and EU-NCL. In these assays, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained from fresh human whole blood and incubated with either a control or test sample. Platelet poor plasma (PPP) is used as a background control. The instrument records changes in the light transmission through PRP which occurs when platelets aggregate, resulting in a decrease in the sample turbidity. In addition, the instrument measures ATP release, which can be indicative of platelet activation.

Technical description

The CHRONO-LOG® Model 700 Whole Blood/Optical Lumi-Aggregometers in our Unit has a 2-channel configuration. This state-of-the-art Lumi-Aggregometer measures platelet function on patient samples using electrical impedance in whole blood samples or optical density in plasma with the simultaneous measurement ATP Release by the luminescence method..

With a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable results, the Chrono-log Whole Blood/Optical Lumi-Aggregometer is both a reliable diagnostic tool and a comprehensive screening tool. Direct measurement of ATP secretion during platelet aggregation provides unequivocal evidence of normal dense granule release. The simultaneous measurement of aggregation and dense granule release provides a better insight into the mechanism of platelet response.

Included with the Model 700 are software programs for platelet aggregation and the ristocetin cofactor assay. The AGGRO/LINK®8 program performs computation of the traces reporting the results as maximum amplitude and slope. Lag time and area under the curve analysis are also available for each trace.

The equipment is available throuhg the U20/FVPR of Nanbiosis. It has been incorporated to the Unit thanks European Union ERDF funds, specifically through the Nanbiosis-I17: Immunotoxicity testing service /Action6.