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U20-E10. Particle analyzer: Exoid (TRPS)


Particle analyzer


The Exoid is the latest instrument from the Izon company to measure the physical characteristics of nanoparticles in electrolytic solution. Based on Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing (TRPS) principles, the equipment is capable of measuring the size of the particles, their concentration and Z potential, through the use of a nanopore that allows measurements to be made in a defined size range.

Technical specifications:

• The Exoid requires calibration standards of known concentration and particle size, which are used and analyzed under the same conditions as the samples.
• The Exoid provides real-time information on system stability and signal-to-noise ratio.
• Analysis range: 40 nm – 11 µm.
• Concentration range (according to particle size): 1·105 – 1·1011 particles/mL.
• Compatible electrolytic solutions: PBS, HEPES, MES and KCl.


• Measurement of the size of nanoparticles.
• Measurement of the concentration of nanoparticles.