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U3-E10. Automatic microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer


European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)
Automatic microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer

Automated peptide synthesizer that works on a peptide scale covering the range of 0.025 to 5 mmol and allows  peptide syntheses to be performed quickly and efficiently

-Assistance with microwaves throughout the synthesis process.
-Directly and precisely control the reaction temperature (in situ) throughout the process.
-Administration of solvents and reagents in a flexible and precise way without the concurrence of loops or additional washes.
-Configuration that minimizes the consumption of solvents, reagents and the generation of waste.
-Real time control inside the reactor throughout the synthesis process.
-Working scale 0.025-5mmol
-Uniform irradiation of microwaves inside the reactor -Different interchangeable synthesis reactors for different scales.
-System that works in an inert atmosphere (N2).
-Positions for the 20 standard amino acids and extra positions for special residues -Uniform stirring system for the reaction medium.