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U3-E10. Automatic microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer


European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)
Automatic microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer

Automated peptide synthesizer that works on a peptide scale covering the range of 0.025 to 5 mmol and allows  peptide syntheses to be performed quickly and efficiently

-Assistance with microwaves throughout the synthesis process.
-Directly and precisely control the reaction temperature (in situ) throughout the process.
-Administration of solvents and reagents in a flexible and precise way without the concurrence of loops or additional washes.
-Configuration that minimizes the consumption of solvents, reagents and the generation of waste.
-Real time control inside the reactor throughout the synthesis process.
-Working scale 0.025-5mmol
-Uniform irradiation of microwaves inside the reactor -Different interchangeable synthesis reactors for different scales.
-System that works in an inert atmosphere (N2).
-Positions for the 20 standard amino acids and extra positions for special residues -Uniform stirring system for the reaction medium.

For safety consideration of the laboratory sinthetizier and its manipulation with chemicals and solvents, the equipment is introduced inside a mobile fuem hood (Captair 392 Smart Mobicap de Erlab), also funded by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), provided with an extraction using filters suitable for the reagents of peptide synthesis and of adequate size