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U4-E03. Ozone cleaner for NanoeNabler

Upgrade of UV / Ozone cleaner for NanoeNabler

The Biodeposition Unit consists of a highly versatile molecular printer (Nano eNabler™ System, BioforceNanosciences Inc.) that allow deposition of minute volumes of different solutions as microdroplets or microlines. Custom designed arrays can be prepared in a highly controlled fashion, generating user-defined patterns over a myriad of different substrates. The droplets deposition is performed with the so-called SPT (Surface Patterning Tools) microcantilevers, which contain a small reservoir where the solution to be deposited can be added, and a microfluidic channel that permits the delivery of the solution to the tip during deposition. STP tools are fabricated on silicon oxide, and their cleaning and maintenance require the use of a UV/O3 cleaner. The acquired model possesses a 25% more UV illumination than the previous model, being more efficient for the cleaning purpose. It is necessary not only for the cleaning of the STP tools but also for for the cleaning and removal of impurities and the increase of hydrophilicity of diverse types of surfaces further used in the generation of the arrays or for diverse applications. Thus, it is useful for cleaning and oxidation of AFM/SPM probes, wafers (silicon, silicon nitride, glass, gold and other metal coatings), and MEMS devices. The UV TipCleaner is a simple and effective method for cleaning AFM probes and other surfaces using a combination of UV irradiation and ozone. Users are protected from exposure to the custom UV grid by a safety interlock. Oxidizes also PDMS (hydrophilic for microfluidics, bond to glass, silicon, or other surfaces).