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U8-E12. Parylene deposition for devices on flexible substrates


Purchase and installation and set-up of parylene deposition for devices on flexible substrates

The motivation for this acquisition is the incorporation of a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system capable of depositing parylene films of varying thickness for its use as dielectric and protective layer, flexible supporting layer, biocompatible passivation or high-temperature passivation as well as for conformal coatings in high relief samples. The CVD is compact and would allow the optimization of different processes for the aforementioned applications as well as new processes at the request of CIBER groups. The main application of the equipment will be in the biomedical field but will also be used in radiation detectors, power and space components, among others.

Since the installation in June 2019 of the Labcoater Parylene Deposition System, Parylene deposits (C and N) have been made in devices of different internal research groups of the center (PDS, GAB, ICAS and Biomems) and external (UPC) -Department of Electronic Engineering and University of Oviedo-Depto. Physics of Condensed Matter.