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U19-E02. Biochemical Analysis (VetScan)

Biochemical Analysis (VetScan)

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U22-E09. Metabolic cages to perform toxicity studies in rodents

Metabolic cages to perform toxicity studies in rodents

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U19-E23. Ultrafreezer -80ºC (Froilabo)

Ultrafreezer -80ºC (Froilabo)

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U19-E22. MAGLUMI, Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Snibe)

MAGLUMI, Chemiluminescence Analyzer (Snibe)

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U19-E21. Urine Analyzer (DIRUI H-100)

Urine Analyzer (DIRUI H-100)

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U19-E20. ABL80 FLEX Gasometer Analyzer (RADIOMETER)

ABL80 FLEX Gasometer Analyzer (RADIOMETER)

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U19-E19. Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (MINDRAY BC-5300VET)

Veterinary Hematology Analyzer (MINDRAY BC-5300VET)

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U10-S09. Characterization and development of pulmonar formulations (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

Characterization and development of pulmonar formulations

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U10-S08. 3D bio-impression of scaffolding for regenerative medicine (On-site&Remote) OUTSTANDING

3D bio-impression of scaffolding for regenerative medicine

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NANBIOSIS presented at the 12th annual event of the ETPN

During the days 17-19 of October Malaga has hosted the 12th annual event of European Platform of Technology in Nanomedicine (ETPN), a European meeting of 200 experts in research and innovation in nanomedicine.

The meeting was organized by Bionand, the Spanish Platform of Nanomedicine (Nanomed Spain), the Institute of Nanoscience of Madrid (Imdea) and the Center for Biomedical Research Network in the area of ​​Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN), partner of NANBIOSIS.

During the event, the ETPN General Assembly took place as well as parallel meetings of the specialized working groups on different scientific and cross-cutting aspects related to nanomedicine

In this framework, the ICTS NANBIOSIS has been presented by the Scientific Director of CIBER-BBN, Ramón Martínez Máñez, to the European Nanomedicine community.


The European Technology Platforms are a key element in the European field of innovation, associations born with the mission of sharing knowledge, mobilizing the actors involved and developing sector strategies, all based on the social challenges established by the European Commission and with the ultimate goal of its translation to the market.

The European Nanomedicine Technology Platform (ETPN) was created in 2005 by the European Commission and a group of experts from academia and industry who have since contributed to the publication of various strategic documents identifying the needs and the roadmaps for research in Nanomedicine in Europe. Its main objectives are to establish a clear strategic vision of the sector, to reduce the fragmentation of nanomedical research, to mobilize public and private investment, to identify priority areas, to promote innovation in nanobiotechnologies for medical use and to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in this sector scientific and industrial level

Currently, the ETPN has more than 120 members from 25 countries, representing all actors involved in nanomedicine, such as academic institutions, research centers, small and medium enterprises, industry, public agencies, representatives of the platforms the European Commission itself, among others.

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