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U20-E12. Coagulometer


Coagulometer (Diagnostica Stago STart® 4 Hemostasis Analyzer)


This equipment is used for measuring the plasma coagulation time upon incubation with different stimulators (PT, APTT, Fibrinogen,D-dimer (quantitative), Thrombin time, Reptilase time etc.)

Some nanoparticles tend to alter the plasma coagulation and the use of this equipment allows us to test the hemocompatibility of novel nanomedicines in development.

In detail, nanoparticles are incubated with fresh plasma, assayed for coagulation time using this coagulometer, and compared to standard controls for each assay, following standardized methodologies. When normal plasma is exposed to nanomaterials in vitro which deplete or inhibit certain coagulation factors, a delay in plasma coagulation is expected.

Technical description

The Diagnostica Stago STart® 4 Hemostasis Analyzer, also called the DiagnosticaStago ST4 Coagulation Analyzer is an efficient semi-automated benchtop system, integrated with Stago’s patented electro-mechanical clot detection method (Viscosity-based Detection System). This model performs clotting, chromogenic and immunoassay methodologies in random access mode.

The lightweight and compact-sized ST4 hemostasis analyzer is ideal for low to medium volume batch testing. This instrument is also best used as a back-up to an optical clot detection system.

STart4 Hemostasis Analyzers offer programmable and pre-programmed assays with curve storage. Other highlights of this model include four independently-timed incubation stations, electronically-linked multiple pipettor, 40-character liquid crystal display (LCD) and an internal thermal printer.