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Biomedicine Project Manager job vacancy

CIBER-BBN is looking for proyect manager for a european project in biomedicine to coordinate NANBIOSIS units participation in the project.

The position requires good command of English and strong skills in coordinating researchers.

Applications must be filed at CIBER’s web portal untill October 15.

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CIBER offers two Degree positions for NANBIOSIS (Project Mananger and Researcher) in the frame of a H2020 project.

CIBER-BBN offer two possitions for a project manager (PRF-1768 https://www.ciberisciii.es/empleo/detalle-oferta?id=1768 )  and a researcher (PRF-1766 https://www.ciberisciii.es/empleo/detalle-oferta?id=1766)

CIBER is looking for candidates for the selection of a project manager (https://www.ciberisciii.es/empleo/detalle-oferta?id=1768) and a researcher (ttps://www.ciberisciii.es/empleo/detalle-oferta?id=1766) to work in the framework of a European H2020 project.

SAFE-N-MEDTECH is an Open-Innovation Test Bed for Safety Testing of Medical Technologies for Health – H2020 NMBP (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing) medtech project, that has just been launched.

The project SAFE-N-MEDTECH will build an innovative open access platform providing reference laboratories and companies with the capabilities, know-how, networks and services needed for developing, testing, evaluating, optimizing and marketing nanotechnology and diagnostic medical devices throughout the products’ entire lifecycle.

It is a project with duration of 4 years in which 28 partners participate including CIBER-BBN through NANBIOSIS (www.nanbiosis.es), a Research Infrastructure (RI) recognized as Unique Scientific-Technological Infrastructure (ICTS) by the Spanish Government for the Design, production and characterization of biomaterials, nanomaterials and devices up to preclinical validation.

In the framework of this project, CIBER-BBN offer two contracts in Valencia to work under the guidance of the Project leader:

Candidates must register from the CIBER website www.ciberisciii.es  in the employment section, searching the BBN area for calls 1444/1766 and 1445/1768 UNTILL MAY, 22, 2019

For further information you can contact: 

-Ramón Martínez Mañez (Project leader) rmaez@qim.upv.es

-Nerea Argárate (NANBIOSIS Coordinator) nargarate@ciber-bbn.es

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