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Elisabet Prats is a young scientist, researcher at Biomonitoring group of CIBER-BBN and  CNM, which coordinates Unit 8 of NANBIOSIS, and a science disseminator with comedian monologues at “Big Van”.

[Elisabet Prats in Informativos.net]

As a science disseminator, Elisabet has recently appeared in media and forums explaining the progress made by her research group in the European project Graphene Flagship. For example, a graphene sensor to detect brain electrical activity, successfully presented at Mobile World Congress. Elisabet clearly explains “We are able to measure the electrical signals of the brain with graphene, graphene due to its versatility, allows the reduction in size of the sensors, giving much more information to the doctor” and describes a future in which “we shall control mechanical arms with brains implants”.

Nanbiosis_U8 - Biomedical applications of graphene, Elisabet Prats in Informativos.net
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The researcher Rosa Villa, Director of the Unit 8 of NANBIOSIS has developed this technology, in collaboration with other groups, within the framework of the project Graphene Flagship, the EU's biggest ever research initiative, in which CIBER-BBN participates.

These devices, that can detect the electrical activity of the brain, are currently being tested in animals by measuring their brain activity using  Graphene transitors and could have therapeutic applications, as well as allowing the design of new brain-machine interfaces.

Nanbiosis_Unit8-Graphene sensors presented in Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016
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