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AWARDS of the Academy of Pharmacy of Castilla y León 2021 to researchers from NANBIOSIS U10

The leader of the NanoBioCell Group form CIBER-BBN and UPV/EHU, Jose Luis Pedraz, and the reaearches Laura Saenz del Burgo and Markel Lafuente have received the 2021 Award from the Academy of Pharmacy of Castilla y León, on February 4, at the city ​​of Salamanca, for the work entitled: “Design and Characterization of a biotin formulated with nanocellulose, alginate and Gags for use in 3D bioprinting and application in cartilage regeneration“, the content of this research work has been published in the Journal Macromolecular Science under the title: “Chondroitin and Dermatan Sulfate Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting and Cartilage RegenerationThe pharmacotechnical and rheological characterization work of the designed bioinks has been carried out in the U10 Drug Formulation of the Nanbiosis ICTS of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of the Basque Country and CIBER-BBN.

In addition, Prof. Jose Luis Pedraz has been appointed Corresponding Academician at the Academy of Pharmacy of Castilla y León.

Also the researcher of the NanoBiocel group, Professor Edorta Santos Vizcaíno, belonging to the CIBER BBN and the U10 Drug Formulation of the Nanbiosis ICTS, and María Gil Atienza, have been recognized that same day, with a second prize by the Academy of Pharmacy of Castilla y León for the research work: “Use of extracellular vesicles to transport antitumor agents in the treatment of cancer”. This work was carried out in the Laboratory of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of the Basque Country.

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2020 Rei Jaume I Awards ceremony – Laura Lechuga NANBIOSIS U4-

This monday 30 of october has taken place the traditional ceremony of Rei Jaume I Awards in Valencia, granted to six professionals in research, science and economics.

At the ceremony, the awards have been given to the winners of the six categories: Rei Jaume I Basic Research Prize 2020 to Fco. José García Vidal; Rei Jaume I Economy Prize 2020 to Diego Puga; Rei Jaume I Medical Research Prize 2020 to Miguel Beato del Rosal; Rei Jaume I Environmental Protection Award 2020 to Fernando T. Maestre; Rei Jaume I New Technologies Award 2020 to Laura Lechuga and Rei Jaume I Entrepreneur Award 2020 to Verónica Pascual.

Queen Letizia has led the event apologizing for the absence of King Felipe VI for being in quarantine, and had estated that the awards constitute “the example of how research, science, technology and entrepreneurship are the way that gives us as a society the tools to face challenges such as those that the pandemic has put on the table”. After, the Queen pointed out that “the talent, effort and generosity” of the winners of the Rei Jaime I Awards, one of the best endowed in Spain with 100,000 euros each discipline , show the ability to project a “modern, supportive and strong” Spain.Queen Letizia has emphasizes at the Rei Jaume I Awards that research is “essential” to face the pandemic.

The winners defend that the coronavirus has reaffirmed the importance of science and that the investment in science must be accompanied by a change in the model.

Laura Lechuga (New Technologies 2020 award), has called for a pact for science to provide stability because science requires long-term financing and structures, as well as decent salaries that prevent the brain drain that is formed with money public. “It is a millionaire loss,” she pointed out.

Prof. Laura M. Lechuga Gomez, full professor of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), head of the Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications group at the ICN2 and a member of the Networking Biomedical Research Centre (CIBER-BBN), received the New Technologies Award for her career in the field of photonic and phononic nanobiosensors. Prof. Lechuga is recently working on a EU funded project (CoNVaT) aiming to apply these technologies to develop a fast, portable and cheap device for the diagnostic of COVID-19.

Prof. Laura M. Lechuga has been recently awarded with the two most prominent scientific Prizes in Spain Rei Jaume I and the Spanish National Research Award.

The research group led by Laura Lechuga on Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications (NAnoB2A) from CIBER-BBN and ICN2-CSIC, coordinators of unit 4 ot NANBIOSIS ICTS have been folloing the Rei Jaume I awards ceremony in streaming, from the ICN2-CSIC, very proud of Laura Lechuga!

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Laura Saenz del Burgo, NANBIOSIS U10, award for the best emerging researcher at the XXI Bioaraba Research and Innovation Conference

The CIBER-BBN researcher at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), Laura Saenz del Burgo, received, within the framework of the XXI Bioaraba Research and Innovation Conference, the award for the “Best Emerging Researcher 2020”.

The researcher of the NanoBioCel group of the UPV / EHU, who belongs to the CIBER BBN and the U10 Drug Formulation of the ICTS of Nanbiosis, is an active part within the research group led by Jose Luis Pedraz and focuses her work in the areas of Regenerative Medicine , Tissue Engineering and 3D-Bioprinting.

The conference was held at the Palacio de Congresos de Europa, in Vitoria (Álava) last Thursday, November 5. It is a meeting forum between research staff, both from the health system and the university, the company, technology centers, institutions and citizens.

The Bioaraba Research and Innovation Awards want to recognize and encourage people and institutions whose dedication directly affects the improvement of the health and quality of life of the population, through not only purely scientific or healthcare work, but also from a contribution adequate social.

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CCMIJU, partner of NANBIOSIS and the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina sign a scientific cooperation agreement

The Real Academia Nacional de Medicina and the Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón, located in Cáceres, have signed a cooperative agreement in the field of training and cooperative R&D projects.

Last 24th April, Professor Joaquín Poch Broto, President of the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina (RANM) and Mr. Luis Casas Luengo, the CCMIJU’s Managing Director, met at Madrid to sign a cooperative agreement.

This event, held at the Yellow Room of the Academia, counted on Prof. Vicente Calatayud (Academic Member), Prof. Luis Pablo Rodríguez (General Secretary), Dr. Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo (CCMIJU’s Scientific Director), and its founder, Prof. Usón Gargallo (Honorary President).

On one hand, this agreement focuses on training, mobility, stays, grants… and on the other hand, on didactic activities, carrying out postgrad courses and seminars. It includes the cooperation in R&D projects, specifically in all related to the development of new materials, tools, equipment and new systems in the health field.

The signing considers the cooperation with other companies and research institutes to promote and improve the training of the physicians.

The RANM promotes and carries out activities to develop medicine and spreads its results for the application to society. On 13th March, Academy agreed to support CCMIJU’s candidacy to Princesa de Asturias Awards, in International Category.

The CCMIJU is devoted to research, training and innovation. From 2014 it is one of the 29 existing Singular Scientific Technological Infrastructure (ICTS) in Spain.

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