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Open Call Focus on Innovative MedTech using Nanotechnology

Start-ups / SMEs! Are you working on innovative medical products using nanotechnology? This is your call for development and marketing solutions!

Last week took place the SAFE-N-MEDTECH Open Call on line info session with the idea to present the open call with a bit more detail. A few presentations and specially a time for questions and answers were organized by Anaïs Le Corber, Network Manager of CEBERG, the council of European Bioregions, partner of the project.

The webinar was recorded and it is available here:

First of all, Angel del Pozo, Coordinator of the SAFE-N-MEDTECH, gave an insight of the project.

Then, Miguel Duarte from IMM (Portugal), the business development partner of the project, presented the services offered

After him, Qwentin Pankhurst, chairman of Resonant Circuits Ltd. explained his experience as user, having a tase case in the project.

Finaly, before the space for questions and answers, Ibane Abasolo, Scientific Director of NANBIOSIS U20, from CIBER-BBN and Vall D’Hebron Institute Research in Barcelona, presented with more detail the clinical validation services available in this open call.

SAFE-N-MEDTECH OITB  Safety testing in the life cycle of nanotechnology-enabled medical technologies for health is a H2020 project with the objective of providing services and support to companies and other organizations for accelerating the development and commercialization of innovative MedTech solutions based on nano-enabled technology.

How can this call suit you?

Qwentin Pankhurst explained his experience: “As a medtech start-up we do not have the external experience to cover all the safety related aspects of product development for MDR compliance, we needed clear uncomplicated advance and solutions, ideally we needed a “one-stop-shop”…

“Even if a client accesses only a part of the offering, the fact that the OITB is seeking to cover the entire pathway from design input to clinical testing is important as it underpins a connected-thinking approach.”

Submission deadline: March 21st 2022, 23:59 CET

The time line: It is espected that the evaluation process will take around one month. Then NDAs will be signed before starting the work, which could be carried during one year approximatly.

The technology assesment area of the SAFE-N-MEDTECH OITB well carry out a first examitanion toguether with the applicant of the available data, the quality of the data, the needs of the product an other relevant aspects. A technology assitant proposal will ve developed and the services needed will be defined toguether with the client.

Call documents:

  • Guidelines for Applicants The Guide for Applicants contains the basic information needed to guide you in preparing a proposalfor submission to the SAFE-N-MEDTECH Open Call. It gives an introduction on how to structureyour proposal. It also describes how to submit the proposal and the evaluation criteria.
  • Application Form

This call uses funds obtained within the scope of the SAFE-N-MEDTECH project funded by European Union´s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. (Grant Agreement No. 814607)

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SAFE-N-MEDTECH OITB project in which CIBER-BBN is a partner througth its ICTS NANBIOSIS, gathers expertise from 28 partners around the World focused in enabling the safe translation of nano-enabled medical technologies from Proof of Concept to markets and clinical practice. The sudden COVID-19 outbreak has meant an unforeseen challenge that requires rapid answers from the Science, Technology and Innovation Community. These is a framework where SafeNMT could deploy all its potential: first, because nanotechnology is a Key Enabling Technology that can contribute to innovative approaches to fight COVID 19 and/or other viral pandemics. Second, because the integration of capabilities in SafeNMT should be a key driver to integrate, accelerate and translate nanotechnology innovations from TRLs 4-5 to TRLs 6-7.

In this context, and in the frame of the Joint OITBs Open Call to fight COVID 19, we aim in opening our services, at no cost, for selected proposals which accomplish the following conditions:

  • Innovations for prevention, diagnostic and/or therapy for COVID 19 based on the use of nanotechnology applied to Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic
  • The expressions of interest should present a solid S&T background and a sufficient technological maturity (starting TRLs 4-5)
  • A clear development pathway, with an initial identification of product needs is encouraged

What we offer (non-exhaustive list, to be agreed with the selected expressions of interest – Consult the services in our catalogue):

  • First evaluation of the project/product based on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Healthcare system needs provided by our pool of experts
  • Technology scanning to identify redundancies/synergies
  • Nanomaterial characterization
  • In vitro preclinical research
  • Access to clinical samples and Biobanks
  • Assistance in prototyping and qualification of manufacturing facilities
  • Regulatory advice and support in the adapted European regulation for COVID 19 medical technologies
  • Links to clinical networks
  • Business development coaching, links with business angels, investors, capital risk, etc.

Typically, the project will cover costs related to activities mentioned above, according to the budget limits available. If outstanding expenses beyond the available budget are needed, these will need to be covered by the user. The project won’t be able to cover formal regulatory costs, production costs, clinical development costs or any external costs that might be needed for the testing and production of the nano-enabled Medical Technology/ies.
Please note that all information provided will be treated confidential and is stored only for the purpose of this call.

Submission deadline: October 2nd, 2020, 5:00 p.m. CET.

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application in mid October. Activities are envisaged to start beginning of November.

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NANBIOSIS keeps working in SAFE-N-MEDTECH!

On March 10-12 a two-day meeting between representatives of NANBIOSIS units, took place at the  Jesús Usón Minimum Invasive Surgery Center (CCMIJU), in Cáceres, to plan the work to be done in the coming months and carry out some tests within the framework of the European project Safe-N-MedTech.

Several units of the ICTS NANBIOSIS will carry out some of the F/Q, in vivo and in vitro characterizations applied to the test cases of the project. NANBIOSIS is actively involved and works in close collaboration with the four Test Case Developers: Stryker, RCL, HELIA Biomonitoring and TECNAN. Additionally, NANBIOSIS is the leader of WP3 Preclinical Research in nano enabled MTs.

The Safe-N-MedTech European Project will create an open innovation platform that accelerates the development of medical devices based on nanotechnologies. The project counts with 28 partners coordinated by TECNAN (Navarre, Spain), together with BIOKERALTY, the research branch of the global health companies Keralty. The new project is part of the Open Innovation Test Bed initiative (OITB) launched by the European Commission with the aim of accelerating the development of medical devices based on nanotechnologies in Europe and abroad. The project has a European funding of 15 million euros.

We expect that the Safe-N-MedTech test bed will help to accelerate the development nanotechnology based medical technologies products and services for future applications in clinical practice.

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