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CAMPUS JUMISC online training

The Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, CCMIJU, partner of NANBIOSIS, offer high quality training based on itslearning philosophy perfectly adapted to new teaching methodologies and to a more dynamic and interconnected world.

The CCMIJU Campus responds to the new modalities of online training and education. Based on their interests and objectives, students choose the course to suit their level and learning pace, being able to interact with expert tutors through social networks. Emerging as a complement to face-to-face activity, the CCMIJU Campus offers high quality training adapted to new methodologies, and to a more dynamic and intercommunicated world.

The only training modality provides a self-paced learning for those who need to start completing the targets at any time and can arrange their schedule to satisfy individual needs. All lectures, videos and needed materials are provided via this online platform.

The face-to-face courses offer a pyramid training system with two training modalities: Set courses (Scheduled activities monitored by trainers of different specialties) and Under-request courses (Training courses on minimally invasive surgery techniques, addressed to medicine professionals to improve their skills in the use of new techniques, devices and equipment)

Further information: https://www.campusccmiju.com/

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CCMIJU, partner of NANBIOSIS and the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina sign a scientific cooperation agreement

The Real Academia Nacional de Medicina and the Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón, located in Cáceres, have signed a cooperative agreement in the field of training and cooperative R&D projects.

Last 24th April, Professor Joaquín Poch Broto, President of the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina (RANM) and Mr. Luis Casas Luengo, the CCMIJU’s Managing Director, met at Madrid to sign a cooperative agreement.

This event, held at the Yellow Room of the Academia, counted on Prof. Vicente Calatayud (Academic Member), Prof. Luis Pablo Rodríguez (General Secretary), Dr. Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo (CCMIJU’s Scientific Director), and its founder, Prof. Usón Gargallo (Honorary President).

On one hand, this agreement focuses on training, mobility, stays, grants… and on the other hand, on didactic activities, carrying out postgrad courses and seminars. It includes the cooperation in R&D projects, specifically in all related to the development of new materials, tools, equipment and new systems in the health field.

The signing considers the cooperation with other companies and research institutes to promote and improve the training of the physicians.

The RANM promotes and carries out activities to develop medicine and spreads its results for the application to society. On 13th March, Academy agreed to support CCMIJU’s candidacy to Princesa de Asturias Awards, in International Category.

The CCMIJU is devoted to research, training and innovation. From 2014 it is one of the 29 existing Singular Scientific Technological Infrastructure (ICTS) in Spain.

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The Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre uses HoloLens glasses for medical training and surgical assistance in urology

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre, partner of NANBIOSIS,  has developed a software platform to apply mixed reality to medical training and surgical assistance. This will enable the creation of new and more realistic scenarios for medical training and improve surgical results.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (CCMIJU) uses mixed reality technology, by means of the Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses, to help train future healthcare professionals and provide an assistance tool for complex surgeries.

The institution located in Cáceres has begun using the mixed reality glasses, whose technology combines virtual reality with augmented reality, with the aim of developing, on the one hand, a medical training platform for the anatomy of the pelvic floor, and on the other, a tool for surgical assistance during renal tumor resection procedures.

The use of this technology will benefit both medical students and residents, as well as surgeons. For the former, a software application has been developed and integrated in the HoloLens glasses, that will allow them to visualize and interact with the human anatomy of the pelvis -with and without pathologies- both at muscular, vascular, bone and nervous systems levels. This will facilitate its translation to the real medical practice.

As for the surgeons, this technology will provide access to preoperative studies and real 3D models of the patient in the form of virtual holograms, facilitating the surgical planning and assistance during the abovementioned renal interventions.

The software, developed entirely at the CCMIJU, is in its validation phase in operating rooms. For the first time, and using their own 3D anatomical models, this type of technology is being used for training on the pelvic floor anatomy and for surgical assistance in renal tumor resections.

This R&D line arises from public-private cooperation. The CCMIJU’s team, led by Dr. Francisco Miguel Sánchez Margallo, Scientific Director of this institution, consists of engineers and staff of the Interactive 3D Unit of the Centre who work together with the company CIBEX on the development of new surgical applications. This alliance will enable healthcare professionals to use this emerging technology in challenging surgical interventions and carry out more effective and safe surgeries.

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A new extraordinary deadline for admissions to the II MASTER ON ENDOSCOPY AND MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY IN SMALL ANIMALS has been set up, from 1st to 14th September. It is organised in collaboration with the Extremadura University ant takes place in Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre as affiliated entity, offering 60 ECTS-credits.Necessary requirements include having a Veterinary studies degree and a B1 English Certificate. The Master will be held during the academic calendar 2017-2018, according to the established program, that will promote the interaction with the students via an on-line training platform, the direct contact with professors and experts, as well as offering an open material repository.

The Master consists on 4 hands-on training sessions at the JUMISC’s, an external stage in one of our partners centre and the Master’s degree final project.

Further info: www.ccmijesususon.com/ceycmi2017

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